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Young girl

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Stadium
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was one day after my athletics practice. There was this
girl from another team that used to train about the same time
as my team. She was really good looking, but only 12 years
old. So I never tried to make a move on her.

It was raining and I staid at the stadium while I was waiting
for the rain to stop. This girl and some friends of her was
waiting too. They asked me what my name was. Then of them told
me that Mari (the 12 year old girl)liked me. They asked if I
liked her, and I said that she was kinda cute. We talked about
different things for some time, until Mari suddenly asked if
we could go a place private.

We went to one of the toilets and she said that she wanted to
have sex with me. I was a bit unsure because she was so young,
but she said that she had had sex with three different guys before.
Then she took of her t-shirt and her bra, and I could see her
tits. They were almost invisible. Then she took of her shorts and
stood infront of me in only her panties. My dick was getting
bigger and got undressed as fast as never before. She looked
at my 8-inch dick and told me that it looked lovely. She bent
down and started to lick on it. It was wonderful!! It didn’t
take long until I cummed. She swallowed most of it.

Then I told her to lay down. I took off her panties and enjoyed
the sight of her delicious hair less crotch. I started to lick
her. I played with her clit and put my tounge into her. After a while
she told me to fuck her. I took my dick and placed it infront of her
little pussy. It went in easily. She started moaning, and I just
went faster and faster. At last i shot my load into her.

After that time we’ve had sex many times and we’re about to do it again
now. She is sitting on my lap with only her panties on!

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