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Young Cowboy

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Her Cabin
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was 13. My family had a large cow calf and background beef operation in Northern Idaho
From an early age I rode on horseback checking lines and herds. One of our steads had
a widow living there. Her husband had been a hand on the Ranch, and gotten killed when I was
much younger. Dad had let her have a stead nearest town. She was very pretty, about 40 I think,
and she had long red hair. No kids at home, and she kept to herself a lot. She took care of the gate there
and had a small garden some cattle of her own and worked in town.

One day we were all out and dad asked me to ride over to her place and check and
see if some missing cattle were over there. It was a long ride, and a sudden weather came up
and by the time I got there it was sleeting with lightning. Just as I was getting down to
the cabin my horse spooked and I got taken off by a tree and landed hard, knocked cold.

When I woke up it was night and I was in her house, wrapped in a blanket near the fire on
a bench. I didn’t have any clothes on and my head hurt. I looked up and there she was,
a big smile asking me how I was. She gave me some coffee and told me she found me out by
the tree and brought me in half frozen.

We talked for a bit, she made me some stew and I ate it. She had a robe on the whole time.
She was so nice, then as we talked she started playing with my hair. The talk stopped and she just
looked at me with a smile. I was sitting up, naked but for a blanket over my lap.

She just looked down and gently pulled the blanket away, and started to touch and play with me. After
a bit she leaned back and opened her robe and let it fall away. She had small breasts but very up and firm,
and a little bit of red hair between her legs. She leaned forward and kissed me.

By now I was hard. I had never seen a naked woman before, other than my sisters who weren’t women yet
and never touched one naked before. She kissed me then with a smile she straddled me and moved me so I
was laying flat, and I remember the warmth of her vagina taking me into it.

I didn’t last long. I came inside her. Then we layed there for a long time. After a while she asked if
I liked that. I was scared but I did like it. And we spent the night togethere there. She took me to her
bedroom and all night showed me what to do with a woman. After that I stopped there when ever I could and
till I left home we were lovers.

I’d note that after that she was the first for two of my younger brothers.

I really remember those times in her cabin fondly.

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