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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I am a very curious girl, I ask my parents all of the hard questions and they usually answer me in a way that I think is truthful. I always used to ask about how the telivision worked and why the sky is blue but since I got my period at the age of fourteen I would ask my mom about sex and she would explain to me that sex was best if shared with the one you love but she never crossed the line that my friends parents did and told me that sex was not enjoyable. My mother had me a little later than my friends moms had them and she talks alot about the sixties, maybe that is why we have an open relationship.
I have been dating my boyfriend for four months and he is my age and we are both naturally curios and our hands wander all over the place, but on that night last week we had no way of controlling ourselves. We were in my room and all alone in the house. I was being really agressive with him letting my hand go down to his crotch and touching his erection. He wasn’t being as agressive with me and I finally asked him what was wrong. He said that this was the first time he had been faced with this situation, he was really turned on and wanted to have sex but was afraid to tell me so he was just trying not to get into it too much so he was not let down. I thought that was the sweetest thing I heard in my life. I sat up on the side of the bed and looked away from him, he thought I was upset and he put his arm around me. I was actually trying to make a decision. I looked up into his eyes and asked him if he wanted to have sex with me. He stammered and stuttered and never actually said yes, he was in shock, so I stood up and said well if you are not sure we can go do something else. He called me a tease and laughinly and lovingly pulled me onto the bed. We rolled around kisssing and touching until my shirt was in a heap with my bra on the floor. He could not get over how bouncy my breasts were, he played with them and licked them and sucked them for a long time. I rolled him over and teasingly said I guess I will have to get this show on the road. He was just staring at my body, especially my tits. I pulled his shirt off and then undid his pants, opening them enough to relieve the pressure on his hard on. He gasped and almost stopped breathing when I grabbed hold of it. I pulled his underwear down and saw it for the first time, I mean in person, not in a picture. I thought it was amazing, standing up there all big and proud. I must have stared at him like he stared at my tits. I touched it gently at first and then he told me how to please it, stroking it up and down. I knew a little about oral sex but when he asked me to suck on it I froze and did not know what to do or say. I decided to get it over with although I knew that I would not be doing it right. I licked it like an ice cream cone and when he told me to put the whole thing in my mouth I asked him if he was going to return the favor on me and he said yes. I slid it in my mouth a little ways at first, the head of it was pretty big and I had to figure out how to get my mouth open that far and relax, and breathe and stuff. I finally managed to get my jaw to relax and had about half of in mouth before I gagged the first time, he said it was ok and that he had almost had an orgasm. I decided he was special enough to me that I could do what I had heard was so gross, and I decided to let him go in my mouth, on me or whatever. I put it back in my mouth and in just a minute he let go, I was not expecting so much power or so much fluid to come out and with the consistency of snot or something. I did not let him know that I was grossed out and I swallowed what was left in my mouth. He thought that my swallowing it was really sexy so I took a pool of it that was on his pubic hair and licked it up. I still had my pants on and he removed them slowly and gently, that is one of his greatest traits he is kind of big and gentle and likes to make me feel really special. I let him slide my panties down and his head was right in line with my pubic area. He leaned forward and gave my opening the most tender kiss, I was in heaven. I began by licking the outer lips and then spread them with his tongue and tasted all of my juice, I was running like a faucet. He had never done this and so when I let out a little moan he stayed in that place a little too long but with some direction he moved to all of the places that I wanted him to hit. Strangely enough I had an orgasm, my first with my bedroom door unlocked. He came up beside me and lay there holding me and I asked if he was ready to give me all he had and he seemed a little nervous. I spread my legs open and he climbed on top, the excitement had gotten the better of me and I was trying to remember everything as it was. He moved up on me and we struggled to make contact. When he hit home he let out a moan, he was embarrased when I told him he was not in yet. I helped him get aligned, and closed my eyes for the penetration. I gasped as he filled me and except for the slightest pinch it was just a pressure sensation and it took a moment for me to get the full effect of something filling me so completely, he is pretty big. My insides felt so accomadating and it was warm and wet and he finally started to move in and out, slow at first and as I figured out what to do with my legs and hands I enveloped him legs wrapped at his waist and arms around his shoulders. He only lasted for a few minutes, when he had his orgasm I let out a moan because it felt so good and hot, the sperm and his penis and everything else down there made me feel incredible. He said only one word after he returned from cloud nine, WOW! As he pulled out the sperm ran out of me and I could not help but look at myself in the mirror across the room, Legs spread, quite a mess, and feeling all aglow. I made him promise that he would always take care of my needs and we could do this from time to time. He gave me three more orgasms that night and all I can say is WOW!

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