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When Parents Are Away, The Kids Shall Play.

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: My Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Alright, Well… Me and this wonderful girl named Tamy (She was 16) were dating for about 5-6 months and we were really getting along really well and so one night while we were talking in my room, I asked her what she thought about having sex. She said that if I was ready, she was ready so I asked her where she wanted to be when we first did it. She simply replied, “Here.” Confused and nieve, I asked when. She said immediatly “Now.” My heart started beating about 20 million miles per hour and I didn’t know what was about to happen but I was thinking I liked the idea. My parents were on vacation so as it was turning out, this was the perfect time. Being the cautious guy that I am, I asked her if she was sure that she wanted sex, and that we had enough time for it. The calm, collected answer was, “yes.”

So, we kissed… and touched… and squeezed… and licked… but that’s all just making out and the beginnings of the real act that we are all interested in here. While making out, I had freed her of all clothing except her thong panties and she had liberated me of my clothing save my boxers. Wanting to be perfectly sure, I asked her again if she was ready. She looked into my eyes and said, “Honey, if I wasn’t, we wouldn’t be in your bed right now.” So, reinforced by her perfect answer, I pulled her thong off and dropped my boxers right next to them. I then laid down on top of her and kissed her lips very softly and told her I loved her at the exact same moment, I was guiding my dick into her pussy. She told me she was a virgin earlier, I found out pretty damn quick that she wasn’t lying. Her cherry popped and she screamed out in pain. Quickly I asked if she was alright and I got the ok to keep going. SO I slowly began to pump in and out of her, slow at first savoring each moment and feeling; and then faster and harder. She felt so wonderful… and so beautiful… after about 15 minutes, she was moaning and clawing my back, I was cumming, shooting hot loads of cum into her now non-virgin pussy. Her orgasm lasted at least 5 minutes. We never figured out if it was one orgasm or several that were one right after one another but I got to lay on her and feel all those muscles convulse and twitch. It was the best feeling in the world.

To this day (8/5/2000) we are still together and loving each other like mad. We were lucky because she wasn’t on birth control and I came in her pussy without protection, but she didn’t get pregnant. Thank God. We plan to get married when she is out of High School. But most of all.. I’m glad she was, My First Time. Thank you Tamy… I love you.

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