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weird place for a first time

Where it happened: down stairs in the bottom lounge
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I met this girl when i and we had been going out for a while about 5 mounth after we started going out thing started to get more seriouse. One night we were down stairs in our lounge where hardly anyone goes because we have an upstairs lounge where everyone sits but anyway me and my g/f where getting onto each other, like we usually do and things started to get a little heated she always wore a skirt when she wanted something and this night she was wearing a skrt so i knew where she wanted me to go. We layed on the floor with a dooner on the ground. (Me and my g/f had never had sex before so thats not what she wanted).I started to lick her out and things were going great and everything she came ra ra ra usuall story. But then when i came back up to kiss her on the neck she totaly suprised me when she whiped out my dick, with her still having no underwaer on she guided my dick to her pussy. Now i was excited this was something we both wanted to do for a long time. so i slid it in. With her being a vergin she was tight and not to pleaseing for her. So when i stoped i thought that would be the end of that then she put it in again and off we went this time being more enjoyable for her. the time we went for it i pulled out and my cum went all over her and just as i started to cum i hear my mum at the top of the stars yell out who wants ice cream. We both cracked up laughing remembering that all my family was upstars in the main loung and just that though that we had sex for the first time with the whole family home mad her want it again and again and again. Come to think of it we do it more while people are home i think its the thrill of mabey getting caught but at least she isn’t shy to do it wherever and whenever. I think where you do it the first time can have a big impact on the rest of your sex life i know it changed mine

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