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Wedding night

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Reno Nevada
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

The time was 1958. My fiance was 22 and in the Air Force. He took a quick leave and came home long enough for us to have a proper wedding in our Catholic church. Back in 1959 young married couples still obeyed the church teachings on no prevention of pregnancy and we were no exception. Before we got married there was no talk about if or when we would start our family. The Pill didn’t exist yet and good catholic boys NEVER used condoms. Good catholics simply got married and the babies started coming. After we got married our honeymoon consisted of a five day drive across the country to his new duty station. We could have done the trip a bit faster but we enjoyed stopping each evening to enjoy the sexual part of marriage in various motels. Our first time was in a motel near Reno Nevada. Together, alone in bed naked for the first time it was time for me to give up my virginity. I spread my legs and Brad moved over on top of me and I helped him get his penis started. I had thought it would hurt being my first time but it wasn’t that bad. After Brad was all the way in he paused for a moment while we kissed than I felt him begin to do his thing with his penis It didn’t feel all that amazing and then he pushed in all the way and was still for a bit and then he pulled out.
In our church the wedding is consumated when the new husband comes in his bride whose womb is open to god”s will and mine certainly was so I asked him if he had ejaculated in me and he said he had. Now we were really married. On our trip we stopped on our way east five different nights, five nights of loving and then on our third night I had my first orgasm, so amazing. Now I knew what all my friends were talking about and things quickly got a lot more hot in the bedroom.
At Brad’s new base we got assigned housing in a duplex. I had always thought that it would take a while to get pregnant since my sister (also a good catholic) had sex with her new husband for four months before his sperm took so I guessed I had nothing to worry about. At our new duty station we were so busy with getting settled and military stuff that I barely noticed the sore breasts, and the late period until I was 8 days late. Back then home pregnancy tests didn’t exist. Commonly a girl could consider that she was pregnant her next period was missed and I missed. If the doctors calculations were correct, when I woke up in the morning in Reno I was already pregnant.

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