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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I was at a new year’s party at a friend’s house. his sister Vicky, who was a year older than us, went to a party across the street. after the party was over, i decided to crash on my friend’s couch as it was really late and i was really loaded (booze and MDA). i was laying on the couch when Vicky came into the house. she didn’t say a word but went straight up to her bedroom. about five minutes later she called out, “greg, come and get your new year’s kiss.” i went up to her room and she was sitting on her bed and her brother was sitting on the floor. once i walked in, he left and went to his room. i went over to vicky and started kissing her, really wet and sloppy. after a few minutes, she got up and said, “don’t go away,” and went into the bathroom. i figured there was a pretty good chance she’d fuck me (she was a well-known slut) so i took off my clothes and lay down on her bed. after a few minutes she came back into the room naked. her cunt hair was almost black (despite the fact she was a “blonde”) and her tits were really big. she got into bed with me and we started kissing again, then i started sucking her tits. i was really getting into it, but it was clear she wanted some cock. i stuck a finger into her and she was soaking wet (i wonder if she maybe fucked some guys at the party she was at–like i said before, she was a total slut). she gave a grunt and pulled me on top of her. i sort of floundered around at the entrance to her cunt and she grabbed my cock and stuck it in. i lay there savouring the juicy warmth and she said, “well, aren’t you going to do anything?” so i started humping away. i had been afraid i would come too fast, but she was so wet and loose, and i was so loaded, that i could soon tell this would not be a problem. after fucking her hard and fast for about 10 minutes, she kind of heaved, grapped me real tight, and screamed, “oh, you’re so big! i think i’m going to come!” then she did, big-time!! i started fucking again, but still no sign of getting my nut. after fucking for a long while more, she stiffened and moaned, “oh, greg!” and came hard again. now i had to get off and fucked her as hard and fast as humanly possible. just as i was about to explode, my cock slipped out of her dripping cunt. she thought i had pulled out on purpose and said “i want you to come inside me!” and stuck me back in. I had lost the urge to come and started fucking like crazy again. i must have fucked for 20 minutes without getting there. she said, “look, we’ve been at it for hours, hurry up and come.” i rolled on my back and told her to sit on me. she did and really got into riding my hard cock. i started playing with her big, swinging tits, but she moved my hands away concentrating on the hard meat in her cunt. after a few minutes, she climbed off and went on her hands and knees. i fucked her dog-style for a good long time but still couldn’t come. finally she told me to lie down and started sucking me, saying she was too sore to fuck anymore. her sucking was excellent, deep, wet, and noisy. i could feel i was finally going to blow my load, when she stopped and said, “i don’t like cum in my mouth.” she took my cock in her hand and started jerking me off, slowly but firmly. after a few minutes she could tell i was close and tightened her grip and jerked my cock as fast as she could. i finally blew my nuts and the cum flew out in streams, going everywhere! all over her hair, face, tits, hands, the sheets, we even found a rivulet after we woke up that had splattered against the headboard. when we woke up i started humping against her ass, but she said she was too sore to fuck. she got up naked, went back to the bathroom and came back with some K-Y. she greased up my cock and told me to put some up her asshole. i fucked her in the ass and the tightness there made me blow my load quick, even though i’d shot the load to end all loads only a few hours before. then i went home. she called me for a while and we fucked a few more times, but she wanted to go out with me and there was no way. like i said before, she was a total slut.

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