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Age when it happend: 14 y
Where it happened: in the shower!
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Me and my brother used to play diffrent kind of games in the house and outside in the compound.
One day after spending some time playing in the compound we went inside the house. I decided to take shower to freshen up a little bit. I headed stright to the shower. I took my clothes off gently and ran the shower. I asked my brother to give me the shower cream from the table as I forget to take it along. I came to the shower and told me to take it.
As I opened the door for him, I saw him looking straight on my perfectly shaped body. he continued staring. His gazes made me tingle allover. I asked him to hand me over the bottlle and leave. But instead of leaaving the place he pushed his way inside the shower and told me that he would like to rub the cream for me.
I smiled a little bit but I could not say no to him.
Meanwhile he took off his clothes as well. We were bothe naked in the shower bathing each other. He massaged the cream all over my body gently. He took time to play with my beautiful breasts. Then his hand slid down to the muff and played with my little clitty. I started to moan and closed my eyes. When his body came close to me I felt the hard feeling on my tummy. I opend my eyes and saw his fully erect penis ready to enter. He started pushing gently and later more vigorously against my body.
I naturally relaxed and opened my legs for him. He tried to push his penis at my clitty.
By now I was really moaning loud and held his body tight against me. I felt some sweet sensations running allover my body. I did not want to finish enjoying those feelings.
I took his erect penis in my hand and started to rub on my clit.
His beathing was getting heavy and heavy with every passing moment.
I raised one leg and put his penis where I enjoyed it best.
At that moment he pushed it harder and all of a sudden I felt sharp pain. My brother was completely inside my tight body. He staretd to push like a bull. We both hugged each pther and kissed passionately. We both needed each other at that moment. I had orgasm before while masterbating which I learned from my friends at school.
I felt him getting tight. I was aware that I need him to satisfy my desire and urged him to delay till we come together.
In next moment he grabbed my bum tight and pushed his penis completely inside me and shot his cream.
That was the tiem when I had one of the most powerful orgasm.
We both realxed into each other arms for time. He kissed me gently and told me that he loves me very much.
Later on we both took the shower together dried each other and went in to bedroom to dress up.
Since from that day, we continued to enjoy the pleasure of being into each others arms.

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