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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: at a birthday party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I met Alex during our Freshman year together. He was the sweetest guy ever. He was also the best looking guy I’d ever seen. He had blond hair, blue eyes, was about 5’5 130, and had a six pack to die for. I got really close to him as the school year passed. He was always there for me like no one else. He would buy me lunch and bring me little things like flowers and candy. He would even right me beautiful letters. We weren’t even dating at this time. Our relationship began about two months into the school year. The first time we kissed was amazing. He was the first real boyfriend I had ever had. All the other guys were just flings who I went out on one date on or a dance. Alex was different. When he kissed me, he made my whole body tingle. I was a little afraid of this. I had never felt anything like this before. When we began dating, he became even greater than he already was. I began to tell him a lot about myself. I told him a story of how my mother gave me a gold ring with a sapphire heart on it before she died and how I had lost it. So, he got me one just like it when my sixteenth birthday came. I was crying so hard. Up until then, he had never done anything to make me feel bad around him. He never once pressured me into sex or anything I didn’t want to do. So, his birthday, which would be four months later, I decided that it would be right to loose our virginity together.
I was determined to make his sixteenth birthday a memorable one. I got my uncle, who was a manager at a local hotel, to save a ballroom for Alex’s birthday. It was going to be the greatest surprise party. I invited everyone. Of course, it wasn’t hard to get people to come because, Alex was the nicest guy in school. He seemed to have been friends with everyone. Along with the ballroom, I made sure to rent out a suite just for me and Alex. I had a present waiting for him there too. On the day of his birthday, I pretented like we were going to meet his parents for diner, but instead, I brought him to the ballroom where everyone was waiting. It was great. He was totaly surprised. I got the music started when we got there and we partied the whole night. His parents had let him for one night stay out as long as he wanted, so, I told Alex’s parents we were going with friends to go bowling and sleep at one of my friends house who they knew. I felt so guilty. This was the first time I had really lied to Alex’s parents. I didn’t care though. I wanted this night to be special. So, Alex and I sneaked out, and I told him I had another suprise for him. I took him up the elevator to the suite.
My uncle was great. He had gotten me the most exquisite suite there was in the hotel. Alex was a little confused. I told him to wait on the bed and I would be right back. I went to the bathroom and changed into the teddy I had ready in there. I stepped out and he was totally surprised. I went up to him and brushed my fingers through his hair. I kneeled down infront of him and kissed him as deeply as I could. He stopped me which kind of scared. Like the sweet guy he was, he asked me if I was really ready to do this. I kissed him again which answered his question. I took off his jacket and started unbuttoning his shirt. I loved his chest. I started kissing him all over. I layed him down on the bed and went down lower. I began to pull down his pants until all that was left was his underwear. I couldn’t wait anymore. I needed to have him. I pulled off his underwear and now, all I could see was his erection. He wasn’t really big yet, about six inches. He had a patch of blond pubic hair that I ran my hands through. I felt him tingling, so I decided to pleasure him before he cummed all over the place. I took as much of him as I could in my mouth. I loved hearing him moan. It meant I was doing a good job. It didn’t take long, in about three minutes, he cummed all over my mouth. It was a weird sensation, but it wasn’t too bad that I couldn’t tolerate it. He was exhausted just from that. So was I. Every part of my anatomy was excited. I lay by him and let him rest for a while.
After thirty minutes, he looked at me and asked if it was alright if he pleasured me. I didn’t decline of course. He pulled off my teddy. He began to flick my nipples with his tongue. It sent chills through me. Then, he finally got to my vagina. It was a little funny. He didn’t know what to do. He was sucking and licking the wrong part. I wasn’t mad at all though. I mean, the penis is right there looking at you. It’s a little harder to find the clit, especially for a beginner. So, I helped him out a little. I showed him where it was and he began to lick it. I couldn’t help it anymore, I wanted him in me.
I got him off me and stradled him. I got a condom from the drawer and put it on him. Then, I guided it in and began to push in and out, in and out. It sent shivers through me. Again, it didn’t last long. It lasted for only about fifteen minutes. He got his orgasm and I got mine. This was all that mattered to me. It was our first time, and I knew we would get better at it. Afterwards, I lay on his naked chest hearing his heart beat. We didn’t become sex maniacs after this. We’ve only had sex four times afterwards. Each time was great though, and I know we’ll do it more when we’re more mature.
Alex was my first for everything. He was my first love, first lover, and the only guy I’ve ever been with. I was lucky enough to have been able to find a guy like him. Every woman deserves an Alex. No one should ever have to put up with less.

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