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truth or dare with cousin

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: beach house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

my parents had a beach house on the sand in southern california that we would spend a good portion of the summer at. my dad and step-mom had just gotten hitched, giving me a whole new set of relatives to deal with. my cousin terri had come down to spend the summer with us and we were put in the same room due to lack of space. terri was in full bloom and 13 at the time. we sat in the room at night and started talking about the summer and the things we wanted to do. things started getting sexuall in nature and we decided to play truth-or-dare. i was new to anything like this (my family was really religious), and she explained the rules. i decided to go first and picked dare. she told me that i would have to take off my close and show her my penis. i reluctently started to strip out of my cloths and told her to be really quite because my dad was in the next room. when she saw my hard-on she asked how it felt, and i told her it hurt a little because it was so hard. I reminded her that that was equall to a truth and i got two turns with her. her first turn she picked truth and i asked her if she had ever fucked a guy. she said no, not yet. the second she wanted a dare and i gave her three choices (part of the rules for her) 1. she could let me stick my dick up her hole 2. she could teach me how to lick a girl “down there” or 3. she could suck my thing for 2 minutes. she said she wanted to do all three. the rest is history… i’ll never forget the wonderful lessions she taught me over the next few years. thank you.

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