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Trish/I think I’m Knocked Up

Where it happened: Car
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Category: Straight

I am writing this so other girls won’t do what I did. The first week of school, my freshman year of high school, I met this great guy who is a senior. He ask me out but I knew my parents wouldn’t approve so I told him no. He kept asking me about every day and after a week my girlfriend agreed to cover for me so I could go out with him. That weekend my friend came by and we told my parents we were going to the mall. I had made arrangements with Byron to meet him and go to a movie. When we met at the mall he suggested we take a drive instead of go to a movie so we could talk more. I agreed and we took off. We drove to the lake and found a place to park and talked for a while. Then we started kissing and things got out of hand real quick. Before I knew it he was playing with me and I got very excited and didn’t try to stop him when he layed me down and got between my legs. I didn’t want to tell him I had never made out so I just let him do whatever he wanted to do. When he started getting his thing out I did tell him I had never been that far before and he told me to just relax. He told me he didn’t have a condom but that he would pull out before he did anything. By that time we had gone too far for me to back out. When he got all the way in I got chills all over and I started moving with him I was so excited. We did it for several minutes before he finally pulled out. When he did I felt something running down my leg and I thought I was bleeding. i ran my hand down between my legs and when I looked it was white. I ask him if he had pulled out before he did anything and he told me that when I got into it with him he couldn’t stop. Now I’m almost a month late and I am probably knocked up. I don’t know how to tell my mom or anyone else.

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