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Treehouse delite

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: treehouse
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

This is a true story of two brothers and two really special
girls named Melissa and Amy. I was only 14 when my brother Reggie
and I built a tree house in the field behind our house. It
was well built and sturdy with even glass windows we stole
from a nearby construction site.

We filled our new treehouse with things from the house (two
old chairs, some blankets and stuff like that. It was nice
and comfortable. To my surprise Reggie had found some porno
mags and brought them up to hide in the treehouse. We would
look at them and get really horney and masterbate over them.

In one mag we saw two guys fucking a really hot chick..
she was taking a really big cock in her pussy and sucking the
other guy..this made us get an idea. Reggie had just met this
really fine chick named Melissa..she was also 15 and had
nice tits for her age..Reg said that he had gotten a hand
job from her already and wanted to bring her to the tree-
house and that I should hide out up in the tree until he
gave me a pre-arranged signal to find them. The plan was
to surprise them having sex and then join in on the game.

The next day I heard Reg on the phone with melissa inviting
her over to see our new treehouse…she agreed and rode her
bike right over. I scrambled up the tree and hid high in
the branches over the tree house. Soon enough I heard them
both enter the tree house and waited.

Inside, Reg showed Melissa the porno mags we had and was
surprised when she said she really liked looking at people
fucking and sucking…with that Reg stood up and pulled out
his cock and waved it in Melissa’s face..she giggled and
grabbed it and stroked it up and down for afew seconds and
then sucked it deep into her mouth…she was sucking it so
hard Reg couldn’t stand it much longer and he blew his wad
right there in her mouth…Melissa gagged alittle but
managed to swallow most of his cum..he had missed giving
me the signal and soon they both left the treehouse. Later
that night Reg told me about his first blow job and I was
really envious..as I wanted a blow job too.

That next day Melissa called and said she had a surprise for
Reggie…her cousin Amy was in town and she wanted to show
her our treehouse and she wispered into the phone about
showing Amy our porno mags….they made plans for that after

Reggie told me about the phone call and we made a plan. we
quickly went to the treehouse and plasted the walls with
pictures out of all the porno mags we had…especially the
ones showing threesomes and foursomes…and afew cum shots
in the face….that was my idea. We also stole some beer
from the frig and Reg had borrowed some pot from our oldest
brother stache..we were set!

Meliisa and Amy came to the front door and our Mom said we
were out playing in the treehouse and go ahead and join us.
Mellisa told Amy to wait at the bootom of the tree as she
wanted to talk to Reg for a sec…when she opened the trap
door she saw our handy work and grinned a big smile and came
in…she immediately said that she liked our decor and
explained that she told Amy about sucking Reg off and Amy
was hot to suck her first cock too…with that she called
down to Amy to come up.

Reg and I were sitting in our chairs in cut offs and t-shirts
sipping our stolen beers when Amy appeared thru the trap
door. Wow what a knock out..Amy was a very cute redhead
with at least 34C tits and a mouth with full lips. She
immediately stared at our walls and was just stunned at
what she saw…never having seen porn before. Melissa
grabbed two beers and gave one to Amy…and Reg toked up
a joint and passed it around..all this time Amy was just
looking at the walls and seemed stunned…finaly Melissa
asked Amy which picture did Amy like the best….grinning
all the time at Reg and me…as she sucked in a big toke
of pot…and a gulp of beer. Amy walked around our small
treehouse and then said that one! It was one of a girl
sucking off two guys….all this time Reg is sitting there
rubbing his cock and I have to admit I was too…

It was a hot day and the beers and pot were working their
magic on Amy and Melissa….Melissa got the action going
by taking her top off..when Amy saw this she immediately did
the same exposing her nice hard pink nipples. Melissa the
told Reg to stand up next to her and Amy…as he did his
cock sprang out of this shorts…just inched from their
faces…Melissa took his cock in her hand and explained to
Amy how a good bj is done and then sucked it in her mouth.
Amy got the idea and started licking Reg’s balls…here
is Reg getting a righteous blow job and fondling two sets
of great tits and I’m sitting in the corner watching…

As the girls switched off sucking my brothers cock..I pulled
out my cock amd masterbated….just as Reg was about to cum
Melissa grabbed his cock and pumped it against Amy’s open
wanting mouth….she actually jacked Reg off into Amy’s mouth
until he came..shooting hot cum all over her face…I
could hardly believe what I was seeing…melissa then licked
both of them clean and they all fell spent to the floor…
but I was still hard as a rock….

I got out of my chair and moved over to Amy…her hand reached
out and grabbed my cock….finaly it was my turn for some
fun…I offered Amy a toke of pot…and some more beer..
which she quickly drank…all the time stroking my cock and
then licking my balls…I then told her to strip..and she
did….she had the nicest furry pussy I had ever seen. mean
while Melissa had regained her composure. Now Melissa
stripped naked and opened Amy’s legs wide and dove into
Amy’s pussy with a vengence….Wow..mt first threesome..
as Melissa ate Amy’s cunt..Amy sucked my cock for all it
was worth…Then I saw Reg had an erection again and backed
up to melissa’s ass and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy
and then just slammed it into her….she screamed and then
started bucking back and forth on his cock as she continued
to eat Amy’s cunt…all this time Amy is slurping and sucking
my cock….after afew minutes of hot torrid action..I managed
to get Amy away from Meliisa’s mouth and took her place..
eating my first cunt…Amy then shuddered and climaxed..
over and over…it was her first climax…but I wasn’t done

I got up and moved to Melissa..Reg was pumping her ass as
I put my cock in her mouth…she sucked it in and I loved it.
I fucked her mouth as Reg fucked her pussy…what a scene.
Just then Amy got up and told us that she wanted Reg and I
to cum in her mouth together…we both stood side by side
as Mellisa took our cocks in her two hands and jacked us
of inches from Amy’s mouth…I exploded first showering Amy
with my cum..and then Reg followed…Amy could hardly take
it all…so Melissa droped to her knees and they both
sucked us until we were finally spent…and fell asleep from
all the beer and pot…when I woke up I found my cock again
in Amy’s mouth and Melissa was sucking my balls..

It was a great summer…now I’m 49 and the treehouse is till
there.. son’s use it all the time.

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