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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: uncles house boat
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

i just turned 18 and was a virgin never even felt of a cock before so i decided i was going to have sex for the first time this summer my uncle was going to spend a couple weeks on his house boat and ask if i wanted to join him i said i would thought it would help me find a boy friend to have sex with turned out i was the only female on the boat it was me my uncle and 6 of his buddys on a 3 week trip my uncle and his friends are all huge tall men not 1 stood under 6ft5inchs tall and at least not under 260lbs and me 5ft3inchs tall 120lbs i have long blond hair 34c breast they looked like biker guys some had long bushy beards i was so turned on about this trip i almost cummed in my shorts my uncle said i was there to help him i said ok that i would do anything and everything they wanted me to do they all smiled and said good the first day out was a hot sunny day so i was wearing my bikine it was white and barly coverd any thing up we stoped in a cove with no other boats around my uncle said we was staying here for the night we were all setting on the top deck they told me to get them some beers so i went to get them when i got back thet all had put shorts on i could see the buldges in them all very huge i took one of them a beer and he pulled me down on his lap his cock felt so good against my ass a moved around a little to feel it he told me i had to kiss him to get up so i did and he felt my tit as we kissed the next guy i took a beer to ran a hand up down between my leggsi just stood there and let him do it i had to kiss him also when i did he rubbed my pussy i took my uncle a beer next he was laying in the sun and told me to rubb some lotion on his belly and arms as i did he got a huge hard on it was so huge i would bump it as i rubbed up down his belly my pussy was dripping wet i wanted to be fucked so bad so i sat down on my uncles lap and rubbed my pussy up down his shaft he smiled at me and reached up and took my top off and started sucking my tits he yelled for all his buddys to come over so they all stood around me and my uncle they took thier shorts off thier huge cocks all hard ready to fuck me one man grabed my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth as he did my uncle took my bottoms of raised me up and lowerd me down on his cock he forced it deep into me it tore its way up my pussy it stung and hurt as it streched my pussy to take it then another one shoved his cock in my mouth they just kept taking turns with my mouth as my uncle fucked me he told them to take to a bed room so we all went to one of the bed rooms my uncle picked me up throw me down on the bed and told me i was here for thier sexual pleasure only and got on top of me shoveing his huge cock inside of me he layed down on me and started humping up down going fast deep hard and rough after about 30 minuits he cummed inside me as sone as he got up another was on me his cock going deeper it hurt even more then he rolled onto his back i was on top of him he pumped up down i felt another guy grab the back of my head pushing me down on the other then i screamed in pain as he forced his cock into my ass i cryed it hurt so bad i cummed as it went all the way in they just started going in out i cryed and screamed then they both cummed at the same time they got done the next guy kept me on my knees got behind me and rammed his cock up my ass in one hard fast shove he just pump and fucked my ass none stop tell he cummed deep in itthe next 2 guys kept me on my knees one got behind me i thought he was going to fuck my ass to but he rammed it all the way into my pussy going real fast hard deep as he did the next guy forced me to deepthroat him first cock i ever had in my mouth they both fucked me deep feeling me full of cumafter they all got done i just layed there thier cum ozzing out of all my holes i cummed some many times the bed was soaked with it all my pussy and ass was sore after all thier cocks forced thier way in out of them my tits also hurt from all the bitten and pinching and pulling on them i layed there and feel asleep i woke the next morning to take a shower when i was done i went to get a cup of coffie with a sheer gown on nothing on under it they all was in the dinning room when i walked in they ask if i sleep ok and smiled at me i smiled and said yea i walked over where they where they just looked up down me smiling licking thier lips before i could drink my coffie i was laying on the table they all took turns licking my pussy sliding thier tounges up down my clit ans sticking them in my pussy i cummed with each one after they was done i had to suck each one off one right after the other it was like that every day and night for 3 weeks i had to fuck and suck them 24/7 never wore any cloths went naked the entire trip i could be cooking and one would come in and shove his cock in to what ever hole he wanted severl times i had to do 5 at one time one in my pussy one in my mouth one in my ass and one in each hand jacking them off as the others fucked me as they video tape it best 3 weeks of the summer i look forward to another boat trip this time i hope he brings 20 friends

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