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Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My name is Tina, I had a really good friend named Michael 16 1/2 whom I really liked as a friend, because he was always there for me. Michael always liked me more than just a friend, but I loved our friendship better.

One day Michael was over at my house skipping school with me… We were tired from being up late over the weekend, so Monday was the perfect day to crash while my parents were off at work. Michale spent a lot of time with me at my house, because his home life was not all that good. Anyway – Michael was sleeping on the floor with one of my comforters while I was on the bed… While he was sleeping I watched him and realized what a sweet guy he was, and how big hearted he was. He was not bad looking 6 foot, 180 pounds hazel eyes with beautiful eyelashes, and fit from being on the highschool ski team. I also knew he was a virgin, because we talked about everything. I was not a virgin, but to share this experience with my best friend it seemed like the first time.

The more I watched him the more I discovered feelings for him – but I did not want to express that to him because I valued our close friendship, but I felt I wanting to give him something more from me – I had this feeling deep in my heart that ached. So I did the unthinkable! I reached down and woke him from his nap.. Here is what took place…

I asked him if he would like to sleep up on the bed with me rather than the floor… He gave me a wierd look and said “sure I guess.” He climbed up in bed with me and fell back asleep… not what I wanted but he was cute to say the least. I wondered how I would do this… Should I kiss him, what will be his reaction? After thinking for a while I slowly put my lips to his… He woke… We just looked at eachother and he kissed me back. I pressed myself closer to his body and felt his buldge in his shorts… The feeling was warming, exciting and I could not hold myself back.

I let my hand move all over his body, and then touched his buldge.. He was big.. he moaned when I touched him and began to rub him.. His hands began to touch me all over and when his hands reached between my legs I could feel myself becoming moist.

I moved his hand away and began to un button his shorts and managed to get them off. I pulled off his shirt and made him lay there… his face was so cute – he was blushing and then said he was a little scared, nervous, and said he was not sure about this… I took off my clothes and lay next to him and said Michael I care for you so much, lets not let this wreck our relationship… and kissed him. I began to rub his penis up and down and watched as his face reacted… his eyes were closed and his body se… I only rubbed up and down for 2 minutes and he came all over the place.. he was so cute and sweet.. he began to say he was sorry – I took my t-shirt and cleaned off his chest of all the cum.. I asked if we could make love…

I knew he had no experience so I layed on my back and kissed him … then moved him on top of me. I reached down and guided him into me and the his tip was into me he pulled out and came again, not as much before. This was so different than my first time.. he was so new at this, and it made everything special… After I wiped off the cum, we tried again… he was inside me… he felt so good. I held him still and he held me… we were so close together and I said to him, I love you Michael. He said I love you back.. I put my hands on his hips and started moving him in and out… he took over, and started moving faster and faster… His face was blushed and focused on my eyes… I could feel his penis getting harder in me, and then he tensed up and I felt him release his sperm in me.

This was our first time… we tried to go back to being friends, but it would not happen. I love him, and I feel guilty in a way that it was not my first with him, but it was in how special the whole experience was. I want to marry him, as he wants to marry me. I am so in love…

I suggest to all – make your first time special with someone you love and care for. Someone who appreciates you…

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