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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Church Basement
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My “first time” was certainly one of my most memorable sex
experiences. I was fourteen at the time and working in our
church basement returning items after a social function.

It was about 9pm and only several members (five wives of
deacons and myself) were left to complete cleaning up the
dining area. Being in the basement, I could hear occasional
footsteps from the first floor and overheard several ladies
leaving. One voice I recognized said to those leaving that
she would give me a ride home.

It was “Amanda” the 40 year old wife of one of our assistant
pastors. She was about 5’4″, 115 lbs., with perfect
breasts and a very nice ass for a woman of her age. She had
been the subject of many of my masturbatory fantasies and I
was becoming horny being alone in the building with her.

Hearing her come down the stairs, I made a bee-line for the
restroom for fear of her seeing my bulging 14 year old cock
pressing against my dress slacks. I admit that I did feel a
twinge of guilt over my sexual thoughts about her.

Knocking on the bathroom door, she asked if she could use it
for a moment. I left and she entered and I returned to my
task of stacking boxes, etc. She left the bathroom again and
returned upstairs to finish her work. I then re-entered the
john and discoverd a pair of white cotton panties–which were
not there previously–on the sink. There were even several
brunette pubic hairs attached in the moist crotch area.
They had to be Amanda’s!

I was enthralled by the sight! I had never seen a pair of
worn ladies panties, much less with moisture and pubic hairs.
I immediately began inhaling the womanly scent and instinctively
tonguing the crotch. They were so sexy on my mouth and the
scent was intoxicating to my 14 year old mind.

My cock was now fully erect in my pants and I knew I had to
jack off, right there in the bathroom. Closing the door, I
released my member and began stroking with a vengeance while
sniffing and tonguing her panties. I simply could not believe
my good fortune over having found her panties! But it got

Just as I was getting close to exploding, the bathroom door
abruptly opened. It was Amanda standing there looking surprised!
I was in shock and did not know what to do. After all, she
had been somewhat of an authority figure in the church and here
I was sniffing her panties with one hand and beating off with]
the other. Momentarily, I was mortified. Trying to stuff my
dick back into my pants and her panties into my pocket, I
was busted.

The surprised look on her face softened and I noticed a slight
smile. She told me to “get dressed” and come out and talk to
her. Expecting a stern lecture, I sheepishly departed the john
and went to where she was sitting on the sofa. She asked for
her panties back and inquired if I was in the habit of stealing
ladies panties. I told her no and that I did not know what came
over me. Smiling, she said that it would stay “our secret”
and she would not tell my parents. I was relieved, to say the

Amanda then told me that a boy my age should masturbate and that
it was not wrong. All the while I was standing in front of
her she glanced occasionally at my crotch. My cock was still hard
and apparently she could tell. She continued to ask me questions
about my masturbatory habits (how many times daily, etc). Needless
to say, the conversation was keeping me quite excited.

Leaning forward and looking up at me, she asked me if I would
like to continue my “jacking off.” (I could not believe that
she actually said “jacking off”!) I told her “yes” and she
instructed me to pull my cock out and stroke for her while
standing in front of her! I could not believe this…she
even returned her panties to me so I could sniff them!

Amanda then told me to remove my pants completely and rub my
dick. All of this stimulation was becoming too much for me
and I felt myself nearing coming. Obviously, she could tell
and told me to slow down, and that we were in “no hurry.” She
was just sitting in front of me enjoying the show.

What she did next I will never forget. Still sitting on the
sofa she leaned back and pulled her legs up to the cushion.
Wearing a knee-length skirt, she pulled her skirt up to her
waist and began lightly rubbing her slit! As her legs were
spread wide apart, I could not believe the show I was now
enjoying. She instructed me to kneel in front of her and get
a close-up of her pussy while she rubbed her clit!

Her breathing was now beginning to get heavy and she asked
me if I had ever seen a woman’s “pussy” before (I still could
not believe the “nasty” words she was using!). I told her no
and this information seemed to turn her on even more. Inserting
her midddle finger into her cunt, she asked me if I would like
to taste her juice. Excitedly, I said “yes!” and she removed
her finger from her pussy and placed it in my mouth! She did
this several more times before pulling my head into her cunt
and telling me how to eat her out appropriately. Not knowing
what to do, I just did what she said. I sucked her pussy lips,
licked and sucked her clit, and tongue-fucked her for about
15 minutes before she came. Her screams were the absolute loudest
I have ever since heard! She literally used my entire face to
rub against when she came. My face was covered in her pussy

After her cum, she told me to once again stand before her for
my first “blowjob.” (I was about to get my 14 year old
dick sucked and I could not believe it!). She took my entire five
inch dick and balls into her mouth at the same time. Pumping
two or three times and having her devour my dick and balls, she
told me then to sit on the couch while she knealt in front
of me. Pushing my legs up to my chest almost, my ass was
completely open and exposed. Amanda gave me my first ass-licking
as she licked my asshole up and down my crack to my balls!
She licked my ass like there was no tomorrow! I could not
believe that a woman did these things! Needless to say, when
she returned to my dick she deep-throated me until I exploded
down her throat. She truly did not spill a drop and kept milking
my dick for more.

After we cleaned up, she promised me not to tell anyone and
that we would continue our relationship. Amanda kept her end
of the promise and I kept mine. We fucked and sucked for five
more years until she and her husband and three kids moved
to a smaller mountain town outside of Denver.

Although I did not lose my virginity at this time, I lost it
the second time with Amanda. But, that’s for another story.

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