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the little sister

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: friends pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was at Steves house last summer in the pool were we hung out and played volleyball. His younger sister who we found mostly annoying while growing up followed us out. Laura was swimming around while we were talking. then he said I’ll be right back and disaperred into the house which was not uncommon. I sat there and mad little conversation with Luara. I noticed he two piece bathing suit and how she filled it out, with he long brown wet curly hair outlining her face. something came over me and I knew I had to fell her long slender thighs. I joked with her splashing around and chasing her around the pool and picking her up by her waist or but and throwing her into the pool. after we stopped I told her it was a nice bathing suit and If I could feel the material. she said yes and I started to run my fingers on the insid of her waist band running mu fingers to her bare cunt. I found it kinky that she shaved. she began to get excited and her breathing got heavy. I could see her nipples potrude out of the fabric of the suit. I told he she could feel mine and Laura wasted no time sliding her slender tannsd hand into my trunks and began rubbing my balls and dick. she seemed a bit inexperienced but got the hang of it. At that point I kissed het slidding my tounge in her mouth we both became very excited. I slipped under the water and removed the bottom of her suit and then my trunks. I told her to lay on her belly on the deck and had he tight little ass hang off into the watter. I spread her thighs appart and aimed my self up with her cunt sliding my hands under the top side of the suit and rubbing her small perky tits. as I nibbled on her ear and earing as I slowly entered her. She gave a loud grunt and a quick sob as I noticed from the blood that I popped her cherry, I was very slow and gentle and doing the right things as I heard her grunt and moan as I began to pound harder and harder nand faster, as I blew my wad in her liking and kissing her ear.
at that point Steve came outside catching the final act. he wasn’t to happy about me fucking his 13 year old sister, but like I said I never really took notice of here and just assumed she was older. I don’t see them much Laura has a friend who lives too doors down and I see her ride her bike by. somtimes she stops and well play alittle in my garge, but I’m glad we were eachothers firsts.

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