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the curse ill never forget

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

well it all started with my aunt(no i didnt do her)seeing as we have a celtic religion she always taught me how to do cool things with tarot cards,ect but she wanted me to keep my virginity,
i had kept myself strict about it over the years,but i fell deeply in love with this one girl from school,her name was Kristy,she would always have a smile on her face that would make the golden gates
of heaven look dark,her green eyes just jumped out at you and her beautiful blonde hair splashed down over her shoulders,basicly to me she was a princess,i remember the first time i looked into her eyes i thought
”a guy could fall in love”,but anyway me and her had been talking about doing it for a long while,and one day,she kissed me passionately,looked me in the eye and told me she was rdy,i looked back so shocked,
if there had been a snake in the room,it would have bit me,if there was a bear,it wouldve hugged me to death,i never thought id hear those words,but we couldnt do it that day because i was supposed to go c my aunt(we met regularly each week)
so she went home and i went to my aunts,me and my aunt talked about all the usual things we talked about,then i told her i hd to tell her somthing,she asked me what it was and i said me and Kristy are deeply in love,i want her to b my first.

BIG MISTAKE! i had to listen to a 20 min lecture on crap i already knew,eventually i got very angry with her because she insulted Kristy and i told her to shut up.she glared at me and cursed me for falling in love with a catholic,i looked her,mad in the eyes.

”if you dont like me being involved with Kristy live with it,i love her more than the world and nothing will change that”

”her religion has tainted your judgement,i can feel it”

”her religion has nothing to do with this,catholics are very nice ppl and i highly respect them”

”you walk an evil way Johny”

”i dont care”

”you will b damned if you do this”

”im doing it”

”then you are damned”

”have your way with me bitch”

then i walked out,the next week,me and Kristy got together,her parents were out of town and we made passionate love in her room,i held her itght in my arms,feeling like the luckiest man alive to have this beautiful woman.

She died the next week,in a car crash,a drunk driver in an 18 wheeler killed her and her parents,i have never spoken to my aunt since and since then ive always had bad luck with relationships,ill never b the same man ever again because i am still deeply in love with Kristy,death cant stop me from loving her,
and i know i am damned by my family,but ive learned somthing over time,even the damned can love,so for all of you teen couples out there who are in love but your parents dont aprove,dont change yourself if they wont accpet you,if they cant accept who you are,thats their problem,i know i probably will never have a true love again
but the important thing is i still remember the one i had,the one i still love,and i always will love her,untill i c her again which i will somday.

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