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The Church Secretary

Age when it happend: 26
Where it happened: Church Office
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I am the Pastor of a medium-sized church here in rural Minnesota.I came here three years ago, fresh out of Seminary. It was my first call, and I was determined to do well.

About a year after I got here, our church Secretary, an elderly woman who had been with the congregation for over 30 years, decided to retire and spend more time with her husband, and so a new Secretary was needed — to answer the phone, prepare the weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters, prepare my correspondence, and do a great many other things that needed to be done. The Trustees interviewed several candidates, and finally hired a young girl, who was attending our local college and was a member of the church. She was just twenty years old, but they said she was very bright and effecient, and needed the job to help her get through school. She started in the Summer, when she was on vacation, and they said she could arrange her classes in the Fall so that she could work several hours during the day, and take some evening classes at the college.

I knew it was a big mistake the moment I saw her. Karen was probably one of the most beautiful young ladies I had ever set my eyes on, and from the first day she started to work, I got constant erections when I was around her. To explain, I had led a very sheltered life up until then. All through college, and also in Seminary, I had concentrated heavily on my studies, and tried not to think much about sex. On those occasions when I did have those feelings, I masturbated like a lot of guys, but I had never been intimate with a woman or even tried to. Dating was something I just had not done. And our denomination teaches quite strictly that sex outside the bonds of marriage is sinful and very wrong. As for myself, I had planned on getting married someday, I guess, but was not ready for it now. I was simply too busy with my pastoral duties.

Anyway, as I said,after the Trustees hired Karen, I was having more and more sexual thoughts. Our work placed us together a lot during the day, and she aroused me something terrible. She had aperfect body, pretty face and a very pleasant personality. We worked well together. But, as I saw, I had almost constant erections when I was near her, and, although she said nothing, I’m sure she saw what was rather obvious. After about 6 months, we started having lunch together — sometimes at the church, sometimes at a little restaurant outside of town, where not many church members would be found.One Saturday afternoon, after lunch, we came back to the church to finish up a few things, and we were all alone.My penis had been very rigid ever since lunch, because she had on this very very form fitting sweater and a tight skirt. I just couldn’t help myself. I am, after all, a man. At any rate, as I was putting some things away in a filing cabinet, she came over to me, and said, “Ted,I know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t you like me to relieve that for you?” as she gently rubbing her right hand up and down the frontof my pants. I told her, “Karen, you know this would be wrong, don’t you — much as I find you so very attractive?” She simply kept rubbing my erection through my pants and then began kissing me on the lips and embracing me with the rest of her body, and although I knew it was wrong, I found myself reciprocating and kissing her back. The next thing I knew,I was leaning against my desk, and Karen had gone over and locked the door to the church office, and then returned and began to unloosen the belt of my pants, and soon they were on the floor around my ankles, She then knelt in front of me, between my legs, and lowered my jockey shorts to the same position. Moments later she had my penis in both her hands and was lowering her lips to engage the tip and then more and more into her mouth. Once again, I knew this was wrong — or at least so I had been taught — but it felt so warm and good I did not stop her. I began almost immediately to ejaculate large quantities of sperm, and amazingly, she swallowed it all, and licked and licked the length of my penis so as not to miss any. The feeling was exhilirating!! I’d never had anything like this in my life and I couldn’t believe it was happening. It was a first for me, and I found myself loving it.

That first session in the office probably lasted about a half hour or so. After she was finished, I found myself telling her that while I did enjoy every minute of it, we must never allow it to happen again. Well, that promise didn’t last long, because the next week,I gave in to her again, and after that it was probably two or three times a week. One evening, she said she wanted to see my apartment, and in a weak moment, I said, O.K. One thing led to another, and we would up in my bed, naked, and I had my first sexual experience with a woman. Her body was becoming an addiction for me. I kept telling myself, “This is so wrong. You’ve got to stop it.” But she felt so good, and I began to tell myself that maybe this wasn’t so wrong after all.I had never bought a condom in my life, and that first time, I told her I did not want to get her pregnant, and she told me that I shouldn’t worry because she had taken all the precaution we needed — which, I reasoned, meant that she was on birth control of some kind.I prayed she was right and that she wouldn’t get pregnant, and she didn’t. That first time — actually being inside a woman with part of my own body — was simply mind-boggling for me, and as I laid there, with her undulating up and down in front of me, I kept telling myself, “How wrong can this be, when it feels so wonderful?”

Well, that first time at my apartment, led to several more times, and we now find ourselves having sex very regularly. I have started to convince myself that this is perhaps not wrong or sinful, so long as we are both agreeing to it, and enjoying a gift that God has given both of us — sexual desire — and love.

So far, no one in the congregation, including Ken’s parents, know that this is going on between us. I know this is deceptive, but somewhow we cannot bring ourselves to tell anyone just yet.Karen says she wants to finish college before getting married, and that probably is best for her. Manwhile, I am enjoying her young body and she is enjoying mine. On those days when she gives me fellation in the office, I am in absolute heaven. She is so talented at this. Where she learned it, I have never asked her, but it sure beats masturbation.

Perhaps, in the future, we will get married. We are thinking along those lines, but right now, we are telling ourselves that we are “married in Spirit,” and I am a completely different person for it.

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