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The Boss’s Wife

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: work shop
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

The bossÆs wife, Kelly, was 32 years old, the mother of their two children, and an integral part of their business team. She was also beautiful, blonde, slim, and unbeknownst to me, a sexual dynamo. I was 17 years old at the time. This was my second summer working for the small construction company. I also worked for them between summers after school in a high school vocational program to learn the construction business. I had come to know the entire family very well. The business was run from the family home and I would come in and have coffee with everyone before we started work for the day. There was a project only a few miles from their home that we were working on. For several weeks this summer I had been working on remodeling their own home while the boss, Ralph, worked on the other project with the rest of the crew. Kelly and I worked on remodeling the bathroom together. After the kids went back to school, we were working together alone a lot. This is when I began to learn about KellyÆs other side.

I had always been attracted to Kelly. She would occasionally work out in the garden in a bikini and I would always find a reason to be in the area. She was petite with small breasts, but I always liked that. They were still firm and as she said, ômore than a mouthful is wasted!ö She started to reveal more thoughts like that to me as we worked together. It started as little sexual innuendoes and developed into more explicit statements. She told me that she liked to masturbate. I learned that she kept a particularly nice shaped cucumber around for this purpose until it spoiled. She told me of fantasies she had about well hung black men. Then she told me that she had a fantasy about me. I started to get an idea about where this was going to lead, but I was very nanve and a little scared. I was not technically a virgin because I went to the Mustang Ranch that summer and got laid by a prostitute but that was a very business-like experience and did nothing to prepare me for Kelly. I was also very nervous about doing anything with the bossÆs wife. I liked my job and considered Ralph a friend of mine, although I did think he took Kelly for granted.

Finally, one day her conversation got especially explicit. I masturbated quite a lot back then and to hear female masturbation stories really turned me on. Kelly said she wanted to masturbate while she watched me masturbate. The high school girls I went out with would never say or do such things. Kelly and I were working together in the small, torn-up bathroom when Kelly backed up and ôaccidentallyö bumped into me. I backed up to avoid her but she just backed up into me again until I was against the wall. She whispered to me, ôin my fantasy with you, you take me from behind,ö then she pushed her beautiful jean-clad ass into my crotch. I was so nervous that I trembled. However, I couldnÆt resist leaning forward and kissing her neck. I will never forget that feeling. Her skin felt like it was 150 degrees and softer than any skin I had ever felt. My lack of experience, fear for my job and fear of getting caught by her husband (he would occasionally have to come back to the house), persuaded me to compose myself and pry myself from her. I attempted to go back to work but my head was spinning. I told Kelly I had to go cut a board on the table saw up in the shop (200 feet away). I grabbed a board and went to the shop, but Kelly followed, saying that she would come and watch. She sat behind a workbench on a stool where she could watch me. I went about my business, still thinking of her soft neck and explicit stories. When I finished, I walked around the workbench and got the surprise of my life.

Kelly was sitting on the stool with her feet up on the footrests and her jeans and panties down to her ankles. She had her knees spread wide and was stroking her glistening wet pussy. I couldnÆt believe my eyes. This beautiful, sexy woman was masturbating while she was watching me work! She got down from the stool, unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my knees. As much as this whole experience thrilled me, I was still incredibly nervous and my dick showed it. Seeing my shriveled state, Kelly matter-of-factly said, ôIÆm going to go down on you.ö I was such an innocent thing. I had never even heard that expression before, but I learned what it meant right away. My cock grew the instant Kelly wrapped her hot lips around it. With my cock now filling her mouth, Kelly started back with stroking her dripping pussy as she masterfully sucked me to my full 7 inches. Now she was ready for the rest of her fantasy. She got up, turned her back to me and bent over, showing me that wonderful ass and wet pussy. She reached between her legs and grabbed my now throbbing cock. She rubbed it back and forth over her pussy, soaking my cock before she led me to her cunt. I thought her neck and lips were hot, but they were nothing compared to her pussy! I basically stayed in one place while she rocked back and forth, fucking herself with my cock while she rubbed her clit. My inexperience showed again as I let loose with an incredible orgasm, filling her cunt after only a few minutes. I was still nervous as hell and collected myself as quickly as possible and left the shop. Kelly wasnÆt finished though. She pulled up her pants and went back to the house.

Kelly had gone back into the bathroom that we were working on. I tried to keep busy, but eventually, I needed to go back in the bathroom to continue work. The door was not locked and I opened the door and walked in. Kelly was sitting on the toilet. She had removed her jeans and panties. She had her white blouse unbuttoned and her front closing bra undone. She looked right at me as I walked in, but continued to rub her clit with one hand and pinch her nipples with the other. I had cum so quickly when we fucked that she didnÆt get off and now she was going to! I walked right up to her and stared at her fingers working her clit. I had never seen a woman masturbate and was fascinated at the process. So fascinated that I decided I would fulfill another one of KellyÆs fantasies. I dropped my pants and started stroking my cock. It was still semi-hard and wet from her juices and my cum. One of the things about being 17 û I didnÆt last long but I could get it up again in a hurry. Especially watching this! I stepped up between her legs so that my legs were touching her hot legs and my cock was right in front of her face. IÆll never forget that view. Looking down I could see my own glistening cock followed by KellyÆs fingers pinching her long hard nipples on those pert tits and then her other hand totally drenched as her fingers worked her protruding clit and dripping cunt. The look on her face was pure lust as she watched me stroke my cock. Again, I came before her and sent a load of white, creamy cum on those beautiful tits. She quit pinching and started rubbing my cum onto her tits. Then she let loose! I have never since seen a woman have a more erotic orgasm. That look, that scream, that feeling I sometimes visualize to this day when I masturbate.

As you might expect, that was not the last time that we got together, but shortly afterwards, I moved to another state for a new job. However, IÆll never forget that first time. Thanks Kelly.

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