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The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had

Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: My apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

While writing about the first time I had sex, I couldn’t help but think about the best sex I ever had, and I’ve been meaning to share it with someone somehow, so here goes.

My wife and I were on the outs. She was very much in love with me, but while I respected her and loved her being part of my life, I realized two years into our marriage that I wasn’t in love with her, and never had been. It was a difficult realization, but I decided to end the marriage, and do what I could to end it nobly and to hurt her as little as possible. To do this, I decided that until I found an apartment of my own, I should stop sleeping in the same bed as her to resist temptation, because I didn’t want to end up having sex with her and make her feel like we were going to stay together. Despite the problems we had, we still found each other very sexually attractive, and when you’ve been with someone for more than a few years and you’re both sensitive lovers, you become in-tune with your lover’s needs and can really get each other off. It’s hard to walk away from that level of sexual intimacy, it’s almost an addiction, but I was determined to treat her with respect.

My house search took much longer than I hoped, as I needed to raise money for the rent/down payment. It was a strange time where my wife and I would avoid each other as much as possible to minimize the pain that we were feeling. She would stay out till late, I would get up early. When we were there together, she always ended up crying and begging me for answers that I didn’t have. Time dragged on, but after about two months of sleeping on the couch, I was finally ready to leave. It was an awful time, but I felt some comfort in that I had stuck to my guns and not ended up sleeping with my wife.

A couple of nights before I left, I was trying to sleep when my wife came home. She came over and sat on the end of the couch and was talking to me and crying about how crazy everything was. I was talking her down, trying to comfort her, and trying to maintain our friendship. She eventually calmed down. A couple hours passed as she talked to me, and I found to my distress that I was becoming very, very sexually charged. I kept intimating that she should go to bed, but she kept talking to me, and I kept thinking about her masterful hands on my penis, or simply just seeing her nude. It really hit me at that point that I had not seen or touched a naked woman in over two months, and no amount of masturbation can make up for the real thing. I really wanted to touch her.

As I sat there under a blanket, trying hard to get rid of her, my resolve was crumbling. While no centerfold, my wife was a radiant, cute woman of Swedish heritage with beautiful real blond hair, lovely smooth white skin, sparkling blue eyes, and a curvy, Rubenesque figure. She was very warm and soft, very feminine, and she dressed very well and always took great care of herself. Her perfume really struck me as I looked at her. Sex aside, she was beautiful. I didn’t love her, but she was a lovely woman. And I found my eyes straying to her breasts hidden behind her dress, or to her lovely hands, or to her full, red lips. How I had taken those breasts and that body for granted! Now I looked at it and couldn’t have it, couldn’t touch it.

Or could I?

As she continued to talk, my libido took over. I began to rationalize the situation, and I thought, “She hasn’t had sex in two months, neither have you. Maybe the sex doesn’t have to have deep meaning, maybe it could just be a way that we could help each other out.” I figured that if I was up-front about my idea, she would know what the consequences were.

After a few moments, she said, “You’re horny, aren’t you?” I said, “Yes. You know, I haven’t seen you naked in months. Can I see you without your dress on? You can leave your bra and panties on. It’s just I’m dying here, and I need to see your body. I’ll masturbate, you could even leave before I do, but I really want to see your body.”

She acted shocked and denied my request, but I sensed she wasn’t totally convinced of herself. So I pushed the issue, and basically begged to just see her bra. I think the way I begged really turned her on, made her empowered, which she hadn’t had for some time. She still denied my request. Finally, I called her bluff, reached over and unbuttoned the top buttons of her dress, exposing her bra-covered tits. She was absolutely shocked, but she didn’t leave. That’s when I knew she wanted it just as much as I did. I looked into her eyes, and she said, “Oh shit, now you’ve gone and made me all horny.” I said, “Listen, I’ll do as little or as much as you want. We don’t even have to touch each other. Let’s just help each other out here. If you want me to lick you, I’ll lick you. If you want me to fuck you, I will. If you want to watch me jerk off, I’ll do that too. Just don’t go.”

She said, “OK,” and then shocked me by asking to see my cock. I was hard as stone. It was at this moment that I realized that despite all the differences between men and women, both sexes have a primal need for sex. My wife was objectifying me just as men traditionally objectify women. She wanted to look at me, touch me, use me. It was quite liberating. Sex without emotional strings, without a need to get the other person off, sex as a practical thing, we’d never been able to do that, as we were always so concerned about making each other feel good. But this would just be sex for sex’s sake, and it made my blood rush.

She looked at my cock, said “Don’t lose that,” got up, left the room, and returned, still in her dress but minus her stockings. I stripped out of my pajamas and hid my body under the blanket. She set a rubber on the coffee table and said, “Just in case,” and straddled me. I told her, “Tell me whatever you want me to do. Use me however you want. And take off your dress.” She smiled a big smile and pulled off her dress, revealing her body, still wearing a bra, but no panties. I could smell her pussy juice and I swear to God, I could see her juice dripping down her thighs. I’d never seen that before or since. She was oozing with desire.

I told her to take off her bra, and she did, and she was totally naked. Again, she wasn’t a centerfold, but she looked amazing, so womanly. She said to me, “Suck my tits.” Now my wife was a Christian woman, a bit straight-laced, and had never spoken like that to me before. I dove onto her chest and sucked her tits hard, ran my hand up and down her soft, fragrant body. It was so damned good, like water in the desert. I touched her pussy — never before or since have I felt such wetness in a pussy. I slipped a finger in and tasted her. I lowered myself down and licked it. Normally not very vocal, my wife was panting and grunting with each move I made. She was starving for it, just like me.

After a few minutes, she reached down and was tugging on my cock. She said, “I want this thing inside of me,” and sat on top of my rod. There was no resistance, I slipped right in to the hottest pussy on the planet and shoved up to her cervix. She howled with pleasure and begged me to fuck her hard and do what she loved the most: Rub her labia and clitoris with my long fingers while I fucked her. I was literally about to explode so I had to stop after about three minutes. She came two or three times in that time period.

When I pulled out, I amazingly regained my composure and did not come. Immediately, a sense of shame washed over me; I had broken my promise to myself, and had lost control. I felt terrible and told her that she should go. She seemed to understand, but asked before I left if she should wank me off. I felt so bad, I said no and tried to go to sleep.

I turned over as she went to her room and tried vainly to forget my raging hard-on and my feelings of shame. But my cock wouldn’t go down. After 15 minutes, I could still hear her in her room, so I said, “Fuck it.” I got up, still nude, my penis bobbing lewdly in front of me, and opened her door. She had a nightshirt on and was shutting one of her drawers. She looked shocked and said, “What’s the matter?” I grunted a bit, and I pointed to my cock. She said, “What do you want?” I said, “I want you to suck my cock and make me come.” She smiled and grabbed me by my dick.

“Lay down on the bed,” she said, pulling off her nightshirt. “I’m going to suck you like you’ve never been sucked before.” She seemed alive and vibrant.

It should be noted that when I first met my wife she had never had sex and was repulsed by the idea of sucking a penis. But over the years, she had done it of her own accord and had developed from a clumsy fumbler to a masterful manipulator of my cock. She could take me from limp and disinterested to hard, screaming and spurting within 5 minutes just by sucking me off. The best part was that she honestly liked it as much as I did. She’d get so turned on sucking my cock that foreplay was basically unnecessary — and unwanted. She once told me that it excited her partly because it gave me pleasure, but mainly it was the power of having me whimpering and squirming on the bed, begging for release. So the thought of receiving her best blowjob ever, that was a stunner.

I laid down on the bed and grabbed the headboard and she crouched over me and began licking and sucking me and looking up at me with a rueful look in her eye. She would bob up and down hard and fast, and then just when I was about to come, she’d stop. This went on for about 5 minutes. It was delicious but agonizing. The pleasure was transcendent, but I felt as though I would explode. I was squealing and panting, bucking my hips. She looked up at me and said, “You want to come, don’t you? Well, you’ll come when I want you to. I do this for ME, not for YOU.” She went on and looked down at her crotch. “Fuck,” she said, “the come is running down my legs!” and it was. She went on for another minute or so, slow then fast. It felt like my balls were melting. I looked down and she pulled her mouth off my cock and looked at me while she licked the shaft and slowly pumped me. “Please,” I whispered, and she quickly sucked me for a couple strokes, then pulled it out and jerked me fast, her head close to my cock. I arched my hips and came, my semen uncharacteristically shooting straight up from my penis and falling down onto my belly and her fingers. She tugged me for a few moments, then let go.

There was literally a lake of thin, hot come on my belly, and it dribbled down my sides onto the sheets. I got up and thanked her and stumbled off to bed, where I collapsed and fell asleep immediately.

The next morning, I woke up feeling guilty. I spent the day feeling terrible, and came home and went straight to bed. I was tired and didn’t hear her come in at midnight. The next thing I knew was that she had pulled down my pajamas and was sucking me off while I was asleep. It was absolutely bizarre and my hand instinctively shot out and grabbed her ass. She was wearing a black corduroy miniskirt and white stockings. I remember tearing her stockings down and shoving two fingers inside of her dripping snatch. It was a blur, almost a dream. I felt I had no control. I was getting ready to get up and fuck her when she sucked me harder and I blew the last load I ever would under her command. For the first and last time ever, she swallowed all my semen and licked me clean. She got up and wordlessly left the room. I was speechless.

The next morning, we agreed that it wouldn’t be good for us to do that ever again. I moved out two days later and although I was tempted several times, I never visited her for sex. In fact, I never saw her face-to-face again. But I never forget that sex. I hope I can best it someday.

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