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the best night of my life

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: beach at night
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was staying at my dad’s beach house for the summer and was able to bring my best friend along.We swam all of the first day untill it started to get dark.We were talking and thought it would be cool to try and surf at night.WE were sufing for maybe ten minutes, but the water was too cold.
We laid on the beach for a while untill we saw this girl running by. We couldn’t tell what she looked like untill she got closer.
She was about 5’7 with huge brests a toned body and had on a thong (she looked like she was in her early twenties).As she aproached we could see her nipped breasts bouncing, my friend and I immediatly got hard. As she was paassing my friend had the guts to jump up and yell “god you hot!” I started blushing and wanted to see what she was goin to do.I looked up and saw that she was walking over towards us.
She said hi, and remarked on our nice bodies. My freind must have been getting really horny aksed if she would sleep with him. She thought it over and asked how old we were. I blurted out 18,before she could even finish talking.
she asked if we had any place to go, we told her we could just do it on the beach. She said ok but she would only do one of us at a time. My friend went first, not being his first time.
I watched her take off his trunks and go down on him. She sucked for maybe two minutes before he came.He was still hard afterwards so she took off her top to show off her nipped tits. Then she took off he thong and uncovered he shaved pussy as my friend was sucking her tits.. She laid on her back and spread her legs and said “well” I had never seen my friend move so fast. He slipped it in slowly as she started moaning. My freind was thrashing back and forth. The girl had maybe two orgasms before he came.
She jumped up and scolded my freind for not pulling out.
I was next. I wasn’t too happy getting sloppy seconds but hey, atleast i was getting some. She told me to make sure to pull out and I agreed. I was harder then i had ever been and it felt as though i was going to rip through my shorts. She new it was my first time and asked if i wanted doggy style. I eagerly said yes as I took of my shorts. She got into position and i mounted. sticking it in her finding that she was somewhat tight. I started humping as hard as i could. I was bigger than she was and started pusing her forward. We came about the same time and ass pulled out i came all over her leg. She rolled over on her back and asked if we had any lotion I handed it to her.
We walked alittle ways to a picknic table. She started rubbing lotion all over her tight ass and then on my rock hard cock. I got the idea. I bent her over the table and pushed it into her as slow as my hormones would let me. We started rocking the table. She yelled at my friend to finger her as I butt fucked her.She came maybe three times.I kept going and thought i was going to go limp at the last minute she yelled some guys name as i pulled out and jizzed all over her ass and my friends arm. she asked if it was good we said Yes, I told her to come by my dads house later, since he was gone for the weekend. She stopped by around ten with a bottle of BV and scotch we all got wasted. I could see she was wet through her white shorts. She saw me looking and asked if i was horny, I said yes, and we went in the back room she took off all her clothes got on all fours and started cralling on the floor torwards me. I took off my pants to show her limp cock. iu had whiskey dick and couldn’t get it up, she laughed her ass off for about five minutes untill my friend came in wanting to know what was happening. We talked untill i passed out. when iwoke up i saw my freind eaing her out on the floor. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:45. my dad was going to be home any minute. I tried to pull my freind off her but he told me to go to hell and stuck it in her. I tackled him and told the girl she had to go she said she would be at the beach that night and left.
That night we went to the beach but she never showed up. We never saw her again.
my freind went on to be an unsuccesful porno star and i am in collage right no getting more pussy then I ever dreamed of.

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