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“The Attic”

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: In his attic
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

One time me and my friend nick were in his house
just sitting around deciding what to do. Then his mom called
him into the kitchen and told him to put the box she had in
the attic. He reluctantly took the box up stairs and
I followed him.
He pulled the cord for the attic stairs and I noticed how
muscular and sexy it was. Then he started up the stairs and
I found my self staring at his ass. It was so tight and
shapely. I thought to myself, why am i thinking this? He’s
my best friend. So i tried to ignore the thoughts, but the
more I ignored them the more I wanted him and the hotter I
got between my legs.
The attic must have been 110 degrees and we instantly
started sweating. The look of sweat dripping down his face
and his shirt clingling to his chest made me so hot. As if
I wasn’t hot enough up there.
Well my shirt was clinging to my chest too, and he said “wow
I never knew you had such nice tits” and we always say gross
thing like that to each other like that so he didn’t think
that I really liked hearing him say that. i said “Thanks, I
never knew you had such a tight ass” and grabbed it in my
sweaty hand.
He grabbed my tit playfully and i looked him in the eye
and held his hand there. he said “what are you doing?” and I
said “i want you.” he thought for a moment and gave me an
approving look.
He rubbed my tit through my silk shirt and I started to rub
his cock through his jeans. he threw his head back and
groaned. “he said kellie, Im a virgin.” and I said “me too,
nick, take me, please. I want you” he stopped rubbing and
slowly took off my shirt, then his. he licked the top of my
tits and put his hands all over my back and unsnapped my bra.
He licked the nipple and they instantly hardened.
Then I took off his pants and reached through the hole
in his boxers and lightly rubbed his rapidly hardening cock.
He groaned in approval and he reached under my skirt and
rubbed my pussy through my panties. he took off my skirt
and slid his hands down my body and stomach, thighs, and
licked everywhere but never touched my hot dripping pussy.
I ripped off his boxers and tossed them away.
He cock sprang up and it was deep purple. I got on my knees
and licked his sweaty balls and the head of his cock. I
massaged his balls and dick and he said “Kell, I’m gonna cum!”
So I stopped. He teasingly took off my panties and played
with the hairs and dripping lips. He stuck his finger inside
me and I breathed heavily. he massaged my pussy and then
went down on me.
The second he stuck his tounge in me I screamed in pleasure.
His mom called up and said “what’s the matter?” and nick
answered “kellie saw a spider!” and i pulled his head back
to my pussy. he licked and sucked till I felt my cunt
contracting and I pushed him away. I was not ready to cum
He asked me “it’s always been my fantasy to do a girlup
ass” and I said “pack me baby” and he got behind me and
reached under my legs and wiped the juice from my pussy
and rubbed it on his cock for lubrication. He put the tip
on my ass and urged him on “come on baby fuck me up the ass
pack me hard come on! he rammed his dick up my ass and I
moaned and he pumped me slow and teasingly. I tried to make
him go faster but he wanted to make it last. He started
going faster and was going to cum he he pulled out. Then I
turned around but he turned me back and made me get down
on all 4s and he got under me and licked my pussy and rubbed
my tits. AS I was about to cum he stopped and stood up. He
got down on all 4s on top of me and said “are you ready?”
and I said “fuck me baby” and he slid his cock in my
dripping pussy. HE fucked me doggystyle and talked dirty, a
wonderful combonation. “come on make me cum you dirty
bitch, come on slut i want to cum! Then he
stopped and turned me over and he
laid on me and and spread my legs
wide open. He rubbed his wet cock all
over my body and i sucked it hard.
Then he entered me again and his cock
was so hard hi filled me up. he
started pumping hard and fast again. He reached under me and
rubbed my clit as he fucked me. I reached under me and
jacked him off and rubbed his sweaty balls as he pumped
harder and faster. I was so sopping wet he was falling out
of me. After a while it was just too much for the both of
us and we exploded in monstrous orgasms. I could feel the
cum filling me up and dripping out of my cunt as my pussy
contracted and gripped his cock over and over. We lay
together breathless for a while, then I stood up and nick
licked all the juice and cum from my pussy. We stood and
looked at the soaking wet floor from sweat and cum and
pussy juice.
Nick and I are married now and have 2 kids, and every once
in a while when nick’s mom and dad aren’t home we go up
in his attic and re-visit our memories.

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