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Teacher Preacher

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Rm 24 (Physics Room)
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Hooooo!! This is a GREAT ONE!!!!!

Now before we start, I must tell you that there was this female Biology teacher in my school which we will call Linda, and I had her for Biology in Year 7 (6th Grade to all you Americans).

Now this pretty little piece was supposably tryin’ out all the male teachers (except for a certain Maths teacher who is an absolute prick! and also a gay Latin teacher).
Although she wasn’t having sex with ’em or anything like that…. she still went out with a lot of teachers (once I think she dumped a guy then came back to him again then dumped him again, but who cares about that crap?)

Also, she is extremely horny!!! Once in Assembly, she wore these porn movie type tights (you know the kind) and a REALLY short skirt! She’s got her legs crossed so now everybody can see her thigh and just stopping where the beginning of her pussy would be.

The guy takin’ the Assembly was thought of as a lump of shit in the road ’cause everyone was trying to catch a glipse of lovely pussy, even the teachers!!! I think she did this on purpose ’cause she did it more than once.

Then finally she marries a kinda okay Physics teacher who we’ll call erm………… Pete and a ton of people were invited to thier wedding but hardly anyone came! Oh well!

Me and my friend have seen them pet about before but not too seriously. There was once a kiss but it wasn’t big or anything.

So now they’re married and happy an’ all and this is what happened about 3 months later I think.

Okay so I’m like a quarter way through physics with my somewhat 27 other classmates. We’re writin’ this shit on how gay the Earth is all that crap when Linda walks in to her hubby’s class.

They say hello an’ all and they start to whisper although no-one’s interested…. Sudeenlt there’s this kinda like a surprise “Umph”. Linda has started kissing Pete.

By now everyone has found out and is watching them, getting hard-ons… (I go to an all boys school). Pete brings out a large blanket thing from under his desk and throws it on the floor. Pete and Linda follow and are passionately kissing on the floor.

I think both of them realised that if they were caught they’d be fired so Linda rushes to the door, locks it, closes all the blinds and continues with Pete. Everyone is watching them as they strip each other. Out comes Pete’s nearly 7 incher by my judgement and is now having a happy time in Linda mouth.

They strip more and start to do a 69. Everyone thinks shit of the work set and gets as close as they can get. Linda and Pete are now totally naked and Pete turns round level with Linda. You guessed it…. they do it on the floor, slow at first then so fast it looks like the spped of light which is approxamately 300,000 km per second. Shit I’ve been payin’ attention too much!

Only now does Pete spew his cum abolutely everywhere. Even spray landed on Martin who is a silly assed piece of shit teacher’s pet. Linda drinks it all (well most of it) and it takes her ages. They start doing it again with Linda’s legs wrapped round Pete and the sound of skin being whipped. Pete spews a Universe load on the floor as he moves his mouth down to Linda’s pussy and licks.

Linda quickly snatches the nearest boy which I think was James and unzips him, brings out his bulging cock and sucks it lond and hard. We are now sooooo jealous and Pete is soon tired out lying on the floor. Linda hisses “Someone fuck me or I’ll choose someone”. There is a quick decision and two ends are covered. Cum is now everywhere. It was like there had been a crash with a milk float.

There was now one opening left and I made the quick move of covering it. Moving back and forth, the guy on the pussy, moves away… so I take up his position. Oh yes!!!!! This is GREAT!!!!!!! Someone else thakes her ass and someone else takes her mouth.

Soon 24 had done it in each hole and 4 pieces of wankstain sat it out (including Martin). It was kinda short in each hole but there was a pattern and it took us about 2 and a half hours to be satisfied. We missed our next lesson which was Maths and when the door was opened, honestly about half a foot deep of cum came rushing out. We were all wet but just expliand that we went out side for the lesson and the sprinkler got us!

After we left, Linda and Pete fucked more and more, I think it was when we were just passing 24 for our 6th Period, they came out wet as pissm and just smiled at us all. I think the head found out what happened and ther were fired ’cause we only saw them after two days.

Or maybe there went on thier 6 month Honeymoon they said they would go on?????

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