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Teach Me; I Got an “A”!

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: his patio
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

We were talking on the phone when he told me he was so hot and horny, and that he needed me right then. I realized I was wet in between my legs. I reached my hand into my virgin-white panties, and indeed felt my love juices eager to be ravished. I touched my clit, and decided it was definitely time to give my virginity away to the man that I’ve lusted after for the past two years. This man is my teacher. We’ve secretly had feelings for each other throughout the time we’ve known each other. I was still flicking my clit when I breathed heavily into the phone, “Yes, I want you now.”
I jumped into my red sports car, and sped to his house, making sure I didn’t happen to see any of the other classmates or my friends, just in case I was followed to see where the party was. To my luck, I found no one I knew. The time was around 12 at night. I was so ready to be at his house, in his strong arms, yet I was extremely nervous. What if I didn’t know how to do it right? What if I don’t satisfy him well enough as an older woman could do for him? What if it hurts? What if I get pregnant? Will I cum? Will he cum? Will he ditch me after we have sex? These thoughts ran through my head like a whirlwind. Oh, why am I shaking, I thought. Everything will be alright. Just let it happen.
After what seemed like an eternity, but also 30 seconds, I made it to his house. I did not see him outside, for it was dark, and I was only seeing things as if I was in a tunnel. He came up behind me and put his muscular arms around my waist and kissed my neck. He works out everyday, I have to mention. I breathed in real sharp from fright, thinking I was about to be attacked by a psycho man. He reassures me that it is him. Wow! His hands are actually on my body. This is the first time to feel his body against me. A warm sensation is filled through my body. I feel faint, but I’m not going to let him know that, I thought. He took my hand and guided me through his house, making sure he didn’t wake his roomate. I’m surprised he didn’t wake from hearing the loud thumping of my heart racing. He said, “Don’t be nervous, baby.”
As, we exit the back door, onto the patio, he shuts the door behind me. The night is so dark. The moon was almost non-existent. My eyes were trying to adjust to the darkness, when I felt a hand reach up my shirt. He started kissing my full lips passionately, telling me I smell good, and that he had been waiting for this for so long. We both started breathing heavily. His hand was on my bra, yearning to get under it. He did, and my nipples were standing to his attention, just like I do in class. I moaned a little louder. He took off my shirt completely, leaving me in my bra and jeans. He was without a shirt, also. He was wearing shorts, for easy access! He pulled me close, filling a sweet vibe throughout my pure body. Still kissing me, he unfastened the button of my jeans. His lips lowered to my stomach. He told me I was perfect and that he felt honored to be my first. He managed to pull off my tight jeans. You could see the glowing whiteness of my french-cut satin panties. He felt my pussy
through my panties, growing a massive erection, just for me. His shorts are thrown off, along with my panties, but only they were taken off gently. He was filled with aggressiveness, although he was sweet and gentle in his ways. Whoa, I thought, I’m about to lose my virginity to this older man that is my teacher. & what a body he had!
I felt his lips and tounge against my firm titties, making me all the more wet for him. I touched his cock. My breath was caught again, because of his size. How in the world was that supposed to fit in my tight hole? It was definitely the biggest penis I’d seen, by far, and my hands are far from being virgin. My hand glided up and down his shaft, making his erection widen. He brought his head in between my thighs, kissing me down there, flicking his tounge to my clit and putting it in my pussy. He got me even wetter. I didn’t think that possible, but he did, somehow. My mind went to another world, so I told him I wanted him inside me, because I wanted to let my juices flow on his cock. He had no problem with this.
He led me to the cushioned patio couch for my comfort. He laid me down, putting himself on top of me. I could feel his bulging biceps on either side of me. He kissed me, telling me to relax. He wanted me to spread my virgin folds open for him to penetrate. I did so, while he directed the head of his penis on my clit, rubbing it to let me feel a cock on my most private part. He asked me if I was for sure ready. I breathed a yes, and he put his cock at the hole. He pushed his hips in a notch, pushing the head of his cock into the opening. This didn’t hurt, but I knew I was in for some pain, sooner or later. I asked him to hold my hand, so I could squeeze it if need be. He obliged with wonderful understanding. He gave me another push. His cock tried to go in further, but I was so tight, the deed was hard to do. I squeezed his hand hard, while he pushed hard. I was moaning and groaning, from pain, but also from pleasure. I couldn’t believe that was actually happening. He kept thrusting when it
finally went it, but not all the way. It hurt so bad, but I didn’t want him to stop. I called his name. I wanted to feel the entire length of his shaft in my pounded pussy. I got my wish. He pushed even harder. I was so turned on by the pain and knowing that I was with my teacher that I had a perfect orgasm on his cock, giving him a gift of young, virgin pussy and my delicate wetness at the same time. I loved the way he moaned, and he burst his love tool in my hurting snatch. He pulled it out, and instantly got hard again, but I told him my pussy was too sore to take anything more.
When my friends saw me the next day, they thought I was walking a little funny.

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