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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: his place
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I meet Jeff on the internet we had mutal friends but never meet in person. Until a year ago… we had to keep our relationship a secret because he was 21 and i was 16. But anyway, one nite we were talking about fantasy and i told him about how i wanted to lose my virginity. i had forgotten all about it until one day he said he left his wallet at his place so we went to his place. i was seating on the couch waiting for him to return and he came from behind and started kissing me on me neck and shoulders i got up and we started kissing it was getting really heavy. And his roommate was going to be home soon so he lead me inot his room. which had rose petals on the bed. i got on the bed while he was closing the door and removed me dress to reveal bra and tongs and he laid me down and started kissing me. he then began to kiss me stomach until he was able to undo my bra and he was kissing my nipple and he was rubbing his hand against me pussy making me wet. he lower and he eat me and fingerfuck me… i had 3 organism. we started kissing and i got him on his back and i started to give me my first blow job i have ever given. i then started moving his penis towards my wet pussy. he ask me was i ready? and i said is it to you. it didn’t go in so he but me on my back and rubed his penis against my cunt and the he enter me and broke my hymen… it hurt at first but pain was soon replaced with pleasure. we climaxed at the same time. and we just layed in each other arm i called my parents and told them i was staying over at a friends and we spent the nite funking each other.

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