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Sweet Sixteen

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was my girlfriend’s 16 birthday, and I didn’t what to get her so the whole day I was thinking about what to get her. Since we haven’t oral sex. I was thinking about giving it to her. After her party when everyone left and her parents were asleep. We were cleaning the house up when she was picking up a paper cup I looked at fine ass. So I placed my right hand on her on the middle of her ass, and started to slowly soften up her thight ass. She turned around and I know she liked it because she started to rud my ass. So we started to kiss then I take off her shirt and she take off my skirt, so I riped off her skirt and she take off my pants and insert my huge cock my her thight fine pussy. She started to scream very loudly and almost wake up her parents. So we want into the basement and the sofa. So I put her over my knee and I get a piece of ice and with my left hand I was rudding the ice on her already harden NIPPLES, and spanked her with my right hand. Then I fliped her in front of me and continued to pounded my dick intill she can’t take any more. Then I pulled out my dick and placed it in between her huge tits, and started to tit fuck her! And before I was going to unload I told her to open her mouth wide open. Untill I cummed in her mouth and over her tits. Then I wipped the rest of the cum on her hair. Since it was her birthday present we had to keep on going she can’t walk. So then we began to do it dogge style. After she begged me to stop fucking her so hard so I listened and stick it in her mouth and finshed her off. So after that all we did is just touch each other in sexualy places untill she had an urge to give me nice and a hard blowjob i agreed to because it was her birthday.After all that sex,are sex life is GREAT.

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