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!!Swedish teen fucks much older man!!

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: los angeles, California
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

When I turned 19 years old I moved from Sweden to Los Angeles. I started going to school at Santa Monica college and majored in Art History. The instructor was a 39 years old man. He reminded me of Harrison Ford a bit, rugged and handsome. I had always been attracted to older men because of thier confidence and masculinity . I immagined that older men had big, thick cocks, and could last a long time durring sex. I had never had sex with anyone over 20 years old, but I had fantasized alot about letting an older man fuck me. I got so horny imagining that I could get an older man to want to fuck me.
We talked sometimes after class and I had a feeling he was attracted to me because of the way he got kind of nervous and figity. Sometimes when I wore a skirt I caught him looking down at my legs in class. Once I parted my legs enough so he would be able to see my panties, and he couldn’t stop looking in my direction. I got so hot thinking that I might have given him a hard on behind his desk. I had been a model in Sweden and I knew that older men were very attracted to me. I am 5’10” tall with long legs, short brown hair, chocolate colored eyes and dark tan skin. I work out alot so I have a nice tight body. I know that I look my age, in fact most people think I am 18 still, but that never stopped older men from hitting on me, in fact, I think most of them liked the idea of fucking a teenager.
One day after class the instructor suggested that we get some coffee and talk more. I was really nervous but agreed to it. He said he was interested in Sweden and wanted to talk more about it but I could tell he probably couldn’t stop thinking about when he saw my panties. We went to Starbucks and talked for a few hours. I was really nervous because although I fantasized about having sex with an older man, I never actually thought it would happen, and I knew he wanted me. I started to get cold and suggested that we go to my apartment and continue our conversation there. I also said I could show him some picture’s of my home in Sweden. Although he didn’t show it, I could sense his sexual desire, and It got me so horny I felt my pussy getting wet. I think he was really turned on that I was only 19 years old, and still a teenager, and that he was a 39 years old man, old enough to be my dad. He kept saying things like “I can’t believe how young you are”, and “your so mature for your age”.
When we got to my apartment he sat on the couch and I went to the kitchen to get water. When I came back he was laying down on the couch with his hands behind his head, he said “I’m so tired I needed to lay down”. I knew that something was going to happen. We continued talking and I knew I would have to make the next move. I kept thinking “I can’t believe this is happening, this is actually going to happen”. I walked over to him laying on the couch and sat on top of him. He was really suprised, but we kept talking, and tried acting really casual like nothing wierd was happening. Although we were both wearing jeans I began to feel his cock growing hard under me. I started to get a nervous pit in my stomach and was a little scared that I might not be able to stop things if I wanted to. I could feel my pussy starting to get really wet. I had just gotten my pussy waxed smooth the day before, so I could really feel my juices starting to soak my panties. With no hair in the way, my pussy lips were getting really slippery. I knew he could sense my sexual anxiety and excitement, and I could feel his. I knew I would have to do something now if I wanted this to happen.
I stood up and said that we should go into the bedroom where my photo album was. I went first while he followed me. When I was next to my bed I turned around and looked at him, e just stood there wondering what I was doing. Then, with my hands shaking, I reached out and started unbuttoning his jeans. He stood there and stared at me with his mouth half open, I knew he couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t wait anymore, I was so horny, my lust was stronger than my fear. He said he had wanted me ever since I started his class, and he was turned on that I was only 19. I told him that I had fantasized often about older men.
When I got his pants unuttoned I pulled them down to his ankles, I looked up at his boxer shorts and could see the outline of his cock bulging through them. I felt butterflys in my stomach, I was nervous and horny at the same time. I could see a wet spot where the head of his cock was and it got me so hot to see how hard I had made him without touching him. I kept thinking about how horny he must be, anxious to fuck my teenage pussy. He took off his shirt and at the same time I pulled his boxer shorts down, careful not to touch him. When his shorts were down I stopped and looked at his fully erect cock. My mouth must have dropped open while I stared. It was so thick, and the head was huge. It definately was what I imagined an older man’s cock would look like, with bulging viens and a thick cock head. It was at least 7 inches, and thick!!
I unbuttoned my own jeans and pulled them off. Then I quickly pulled my shirt off over my head. He just stood there, looking at my body with his cock standing straight up. I turned around and climbed on the bed in doggy style position, giving him a good look at my soaking wet white g-string panties from behind. I wanted to see how hot I could make him. I looked back over my shoulder and he was staring at my pussy and lightly rubbing his cock. I knew that my panties were so wet he could see my pussy lips. I reached back and slowly pulled them down, exposing my bald, teenage pussy to him. I tossed them aside and waited for him to do what he wanted. He stood there and stared at me for a few moments, and I knew he couldn’t believe a young beautiful girl was giving herself to him with such desire. He glanced over my long tan legs and my smooth, wet, pussy. I was so wet I could feel my juices running down the inside of my thigh and I could feel how swollen my lips were. I’m sure he could see my pink slit gaping open for him. I was so horny now, I wanted him to fuck me so bad. I kept thinking over and over “I’m going to get fucked by an older man”, It got me so hot to think how much older he was. He climbed onto the bed behind me so I was doggy style in front of him. My legs were shaking so bad I almost had to lay down. I looked back over my shoulder and watched as he took his hand and grabbed the base of his hard cock and pointed that big head down toward my wet slit. He slowly rubbed his head up and down my soft, pink lips. I was so hot feeling it’s heat and how hard it was. I just thought “oh shit, he is 39 years old!!! shit, I can’t believe he’s going to fuck me!!!”
Once his head was soaked in my juices, he slowly started pushing the head in. I gasped out loud, feeling his hot flesh enter me. I started breathing really hard as it slid between my lips. He slowly slid the head of his cock in and out of my pussy lips. My lips were being stretched open by his big cock head, and that’s when I realized how tight I really was for him. He started moaning loudly, and saying how wet and tight my pussy was.
Then with one motion, he started pushing his cock into me. I felt my pussy lips stretch even more to make room for his thick shaft. I moaned loud as his big cock entered me. He kept pushing untill it was all the way in, then he let out a loud moan. I could feel his balls against my pussy lips, he was so deep inside of me!! He stayed there for a moment, then he pulled all the way back out. I looked back and saw his cock, which was so hard it was twitching. It was so wet from my pussy. He said, “your so hot and tight, It feels so good, your so tight and smooth, I’ve never…….” just then he slowly pushed back into me. He started taking his cock all the way out and then letting it sink back into me over and over. His cock felt so good, so hard and thick, I was in so much pleasure I came. I almost screamed, and I could feel my pussy tighten around his shaft and soak it with my cum. He must have felt it because just then he moaned really loudly. I looked back and saw his eyes rolled back and his mouth wide open.
I could hear my wetness when he pushed in me, his cock was so hot. We were both moaning so loudly. He said, “your pussy feels so good, it’s so bald and smooth, like a little girl’s pussy…” He began to get so loud I thought the neighbors would hear him. It turned me on, knowing how good I felt for an older man. I was so hot knowing my pussy could give a 39 year old man so much pleasure. He fucked me for a long time, I came again, soaking his cock. He must have had my cum dripping off his balls, I was so wet.
I could feel his cock swelling and getting harder inside of me. He stoped fucking me, and pulled his cock out. He told me he didn’t want to ruin it for me by cumming just yet. I said I wanted him to, and I wanted to feel him cum inside of me. Before I could finish my sentence he was sliding his cock back into me. He started fucking me really hard and fast. It felt so good when he slammed his cock hard into me. His cock started twitching and swelling, then he groaned really loudly as I felt felt him explode inside of me. His hot cum started shooting deep inside of me. He was almost screaming, he came so much it started driping out of my pussy while hw was still cumming.
When his cock stopped pumping me full of cum he slowly pulled out of me. We both sat for a while, breathing really hard and sweating. His cum started dripping out of me and onto the bed. My fantasy really happened, and it was better than I imagined. I never fucked him again, but the next year I went back to Sweden and got married to a guy my age. I told him this story one night when he asked about my best sex experience. It got him so horny than I decided to write it down. He said it got him hot to hear about how much pleasure his wife could give an older man. We were thinking that I seduce his 45 year old uncle and have my husband watch from the closet. He was already hard thinking about the idea. If so I’ll write again. Cheers!!!

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