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Where it happened: cousin's bathroom
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

Well, i was over my cousin’s house and i had met this boy on my way over there.he was a stranger. he followed me to my cousins house. We had alot of things in common and i really like him. when we over cousins house, he kept feeling on me in a playing way. I could not get off the couch because he would come behind and put his erect dick on me. this really turned me on. he would pull his dick out when my cousin wasn’t looking and ask me to go to the bathroom with him. i said no at first, then when he cam behind me and kissed me on the neck i couldn’t resist anymore. So we went to my cousin’s bathroom.he started to feel on me and then slowly took off my shirt and bra. he began to suck on my tits. i started to pet his big dick and i notice how big it was. he took his shirt and pants and only had on boxers. iwas ass naked. he went down on me and put his long tongue in my clit. i came about 5 minutes later and he swallowed. then i went down on him but i could not take it anynore and i told him “Fuck me, Fuck Me NOW!.” then he inserted his dick into my wet pussy and fucked me like their was no tomorrow. i stated to moannad so didi he. we had been fuckin for an hour and a half and then we both came. my cousin didn’t even notice we had been gone so we gave each other a final kiss and got dressed. Me and him have been going out ever since then. it was the best day of my life.

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