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it was the tightest he had seen so he licked my pussy clean

Sex = Female
Where it happened = lounge room
Language = english
Refnum = 51886
i was 15 at the time and i was addicted to porn i would go home and get on the computer and watch it for hours while masterbating i had my first orgasm doing this i would put all sorts of thing into my pussy like cucumbers and my mini lava lamp anyway one day my mums friend and her son came over to stay at our house (he was 16) i thought he had band practice after school so i rushed home to look at some of my favorite sites i got my mini lava lamp and stripped of to watch i was rubbing my pussy when i heard a noise i thought it was just the cat she was really clumsy so i got up not bothering to put any clothes on to see what the "cat" had broken (now i dont like to brag but i had BIG tits and i still do i have a perfect figure and i beautiful pussy wich i shaved) when i got to the lounge room i saw my mums friends son Jack he had his dick out boy it was big! he had been wanking i stood there naked and him with his huge dick out then he said "well, we're both kinda naked what now?" i said "wanna finger me? i got a real nice hole you can lick it if you want!" i am very open about my thoughts if i want to say something ill say it "well yeh i guess so" he took off his pants and shirt he stood naked " so do yoyu want to finger me or what im just warning you i am a virgin but ive watched plenty of porn so it ok i think i know what im doing" i sat on the couch and spread my legs he kneeled down in front of my and started to rubbed and flick my clit i got really wet he moved more down to my tight virgin hole he slowly stuck one finger in then 2 then moved them around "ooohhhhhh...mmmm yeh lick me lick me till i cum ohhhhhhh" i said as he wiggled his fingers inside me he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and bent down and started to lick me i was just about to orgasm and remembered tat i was a squirter and could spray my cum 3 meteres so i said " im cumming move move im cumming ohhh!" he moved his head and i came i hit the opposite wall "can i fuck you?" "are you kidding YES!!" i replyed his dick was lrge and very hard he slowly entered me i groaned in pain he started to pump after a minute or so i started to moan in pleasure it felt so good after 4 more minutes of him fucking my pussy he said "can give you an anal creampie?" "yeh sure" i turned aroung and stuck out my ass he put his dick into it and pumped getting faster and faster while he did this i played with my pussy rubbing it and stuff "im cumming ready?" "oooohhhhh yes ooohhh" was all i could say he came he pulled his dick out and licked all the cum out we did lots of postions for about and hour after this we still have sex sometimes

it was the tightest he had seen so he licked my pussy clean

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