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My father had just gotten remarried and my new stepmother had two daughters. My new sisters were 12 year old twins. Natural blondes, (as I was to discover), sky-blue eyes, tight tanned bodies with perky upturned nipples, and perfect B-cup breasts. Their bodies would make most 16 year old girls jealous. They were both into gymnastics, and very into their bodies-as was I of course. I couldn't even look at them without getting an instant erection. They of course didn't help matters by parading around in the skimpyest of clothes. I used to grab their panties out of the hamper and masturbate to the sweet smell of their ever so ripe virginal pussies. This is in fact how the fun all started. One day, while vigorously pumping away to two pairs of dripping wet panties Peaches & Brandy (not their real names)walked into my room wearing only their towels. I'm sure I turned red as a beet, they both walked over to the bed one on each side. Brandy said, "So this is where our panties keep disappearing to and we thought it was the dog." Peaches said, "If you want to taste our pussies why don't you just ask?" Whereupon she pulled off her towel and sat on my face! Brandy, meanwhile said, "If you get to taste us it's only fair that we get to taste you." She then pulled off her towel, positioned herself between my legs and took my cock into her heavenly mouth. In case you're wondering, our parents were both at work, it was summer. I ate both of them numerous times, and they both sucked me off. They wouldn't let me fuck them, but we hooked up many times that summer and they would invite their girlfriends over for sleepovers and they always managed to make sure I got to fuck one of their friends. I did eventually get to fuck both of them at the same time for my 16th B-day present. We rented a limo in another town while our parents were out of town at a wedding. We videotaped the big event and watch it often when our parents are away. It always gets us in the mood. Now they're starting college and we'll all be together again. I can't wait!!!

young pussy

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