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My first cock

Sex = Male
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I was about 14 when it happened the first time... My friend & I had been hanging out all day doing the typical things that teens who are just discovering sex do. We swiped a few "dirty" mags from his older brothers room (hustler & penthouse, I think), and spent most of the afternoon looking at them & talking about what we would do to the girls in them, how we'd fuck them & make them suck our dicks. Pretty big talk for two guys who hadn't even seen a naked boob in real life yet. As it got later we decided that I would spend the night at his house since his parents were MUCH more permissive than mine, so I called home and let them know. We planned to steal a few beers from his dad and stay up late getting high, his bedroom was in the attic so we could open the window and blow the smoke out without anyone knowing. We drank, smoked a few joints, watched TV and looked at more of his brothers mags. We also ended up playing a game of truth or dare, pretty standard stuff at first, mostly truth questions. Pretty tame really, until we both were loosened up from the beer and weed and it just turned into a game of daring each other to do stuff. It started out easy, go steal another mag from the brothers room, but quickly turned into "I dare you to moon out the window" (not that anyone was going to see), "flash your dick out the window", etc... I don't know what point we both ended up naked, but eventually we did, and then the final, ultimate dare from my buddy, "I dare you to sleep naked". Well, at that point I wasn't about to back down from so easy a dare, but we had to figure out how to do that and still not be gay, because "we're NOT gay, it's just a dare!!!" Eventually we decided, and yes I now know how stupid this sounds but I was only 14 at the time, that it would be best if we slept head to foot so that "things" wouldn't accidentally touch while we slept. So that was it, I got into the bed and, after some more joking we fell asleep, naked. A while later I woke up to a pleasant feeling, only to realise half a second later that I was naked in my guy friends bed so the only hand it could be was his. I had no idea what to do, after all, we're NOT gay. My mind froze as he continued to handle my hard cock. I decided that the best thing to do was pretend to be asleep, so I lay very still, not making a sound as his hand stroked me. I was so confused, it felt so good to have a hand besides my own on my cock, but I wasn't gay how could I even be hard. It was too much to think about so I just lay there silently while he pulled on my dick. I was so hard I think I could have hammered nails with my cock. He kept stroking and pulling and playing with my balls until it was too much and I couldn't take it anymore. I exploded in his hand, cum was everywhere, on my stomach, his hand, the sheets, everywhere. Even after that he kept playing with my dick. Using my cum as lube he just kept stroking and rubbing me. I don't think he even gave it a chance to get soft, he just kept going. Now I didn't know what to do. I thought it would be over once he made me cum, what was I going to do. While I was reasoning this all out he continued to jerk me off again, his hand sliding up & down on my cum covered cock until I shot a second load, not quite as big this time. I remember thinking how great it felt but please let it be over now. It wasn't, he just kept going. At that point I thought I would try turning over on my stomach so he couldn't reach my dick, so I rolled over onto my now cum covered stomach. No such luck, he forced his hand under me, grabbed my cock and started rubbing again. I now realized that he wouldn't stop until HE was satisfied. I knew I wasn't gay, but at this point I was ready to do whatever was neccessary to bring this to an end, and since I had already cum, TWICE, it was a little late to pretend to wake up and feign indignance. I reluctantly reached over feeling for his cock in the dark. I could see his outline, lying on his back with one leg cocked up at 90 degrees making a big tent of the sheet, he never let go of my tool. As my hand touched his balls, I realized that he was already beating off. I moved my hand to his stiff shaft and he let go of it and gave my cock a squeeze as my hand wrapped around his. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I'd masturbated plenty of times before, but I never really "felt" a dick. The shaft was so hard but still soft and the head was somehow "spongy". I gave it a squeeze to "get a feel for it" and he let out a little moan. I had forgotten the whole argument in my head about how NOT gay I was, this was too interesting, too...sensual. I ran my hand up his cock to the head to find it wet with pre-cum, a LOT of pre-cum, I ran my fingers through it and down his shaft making it slick. As I ran my hand up and down his wet cock I realized that I was still laying on my stomach, now pressing my once again hard cock into his hand below me. I was now fully enjoying this and turned on my side to give him access to my cock again. As I turned he did too, onto his side. Before I realized what was happening I felt the most incredible warmth on my cock, I couldn't believe how good it felt. Then he started sucking on my cock as he slid his lips up and down the shaft, oh God, what a sensation. If I hadn't already cum twice I would have lost it right then, but I just hadn't recovered enough for another load just yet. I kept stroking him as he sucked me, playing with his balls and massaging the pre-cum into his shaft. As I jerked him off I thought that if it feels so good in my hand it can't be that bad if I try sucking it, right? I rolled onto my side which placed his cock directly in front of my face, I got a sudden strong scent of what ever "manly" aroma a 14 year old has and it turned me on even more. As I moved closer I pulled his cock straight out to meet my waiting tongue. Not sure what to expect I gave it a little lick on the head, I had forgotten about the pre-cum that he was leaking profusely. It tasted good, slightly salty, but good. I wasn't sure what to do next, so I just licked his hard cock from tip to base, I'm guessing he liked that from the shudder that ran through his body. As I repositioned my head to do it again he thrust his hips forward and pushed the head of his cock into my mouth. I took it in and as I sucked I used my tongue on the underside of his shaft, just below the head. He must have liked that because he gave another shove and his whole cock was in my mouth, the tip just touching the back of my throat. I gagged a little at first, but soon relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of this hard cock filling my mouth. He then began to thrust his hips forward and back, pistoning his cock in and out of my mouth as he continued to give my cock the best tongue lashing of my short life. I was in ecstacy, between the feeling of a hot mouth on my cock, the smell of having my face nose deep in the balls of another boy, and the taste of his stiff pre-cum oozing cock in my mouth, I simply couldn't take it anymore. Apparently he couldn't either. I felt his cock twitching and his body spasms just before he filled my mouth with hot cum. That was the final straw, I shot my third load of the night in his mouth. I have to admit, I was not thrilled with my first taste of cum, but I did as he did and swallowed it. Neither of us said a word when it was over, we just fell asleep, exhausted. Even the next morning we didn't talk about it, still sticky with cum. We acted like nothing happened as we dressed, joking about girls and complained about school. As I cut through a few neighbor's yards and the alley to get home I wasn't sure what to think, I still didn't feel gay, I still liked girls, I had no idea what to do. When I got home I jumped in the shower and as I washed the cum residue from my body & beat off thinking about the night before and wondering what would happen now. My friend and I had many "encounters" through high school and after until I moved away, every chance we got actually. We both had girlfriends over the years. We both are happily married. I sometimes wonder, if I called him up and met him to "catch up"...what would happen????

My first cock

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