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i was young and very horney this girl i knew just had her first time of the month we were friends for years one day i sat with her at lunch like we always did she looked sad i asked her what was wrong she said her parents were going away for a week and she'd be at home by herself that her aunt would be checking up on her i told her how about i come over for a week and keep her company she smiled and said ok her parents left and i was there we said that i was going to do homework they bought it and they left we went in and went to her room as we walked up the stairs she whispered in my ear i am very horney i grabbed her arm and we ran to her room we stripped eachother of our cloths she gave out a scream i turned and said what she said that is so fucken huge she got a ruler out and measured 7 inches before i got hard she was so excited she laid on the bed and spread her legs i said are you a virgin she said yes so i put the head in and went in slowly i could tell she was in pain when i broke her cherry i began to go in and out slowly then she told me to go faster so i did she began to moan loud i kept on fucking her very wet and tight pussy about ten min later her aunt walked in on us she seen us fucking and closed the door fast thirty min later i shot a big load in her her aunt walked in and she was hot with double d tits with nice tan skin she said my turn so the girl watched as i fucked her aunt it felt weird cause i could swear i broke her cherry as well the whole week we fucked and when her parents came back we would fuck at her aunts house three months later they both told me that they were preg i was like oh boy two kids now me and my girl raise our daughter and her aunt found a nice muscular man and they raise my other dauther i loved it and before i was done with high school between the two of them i fathered four kids it was awesome

my big cock

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