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Fucking Cousins :D

Sex = Male
Where it happened = My cousin's bed
Language = English
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Well it started with my parents going on a trip to the Bahamas,forcing me to stay at my aunt's house for three weeks. It was only she and her daughter, Kaylee,who lived there.Kaylee was 19,and my aunt Dani was 36.Kaylee was amazingly hot,with long legs,a brunette,green eyes,a tight ass,and big 42DD boobs.Aunt Dani was tall as well,but blonde with green eyes,and 44DD boobs,and a firm ass.They both were hairless,and God did they make me feel horny.I was always trying not to get stiff.I was still a virgin, and so was Kaylee.On my fourth night,she noticed I was drooling over her big tits,and she grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to her bedroom. Kaylee grabbed my 8' cock now stiff and hard and erect and she unzipped my pants,and shoved my whole cock into her mouth.She sucked on it ferociously until I blew a big load in her I got excited,and she licked it all up. She bobbed her head up and down,sucking as I moaned and moaned.She then told me to finger her,and lifted her skirt to show me that she had already taken off her panties.Kaylee was already soaked down there she told me she had two orgasms from sucking my cock,and I stuck my finger in her good,and opened up her legs to suck all of her juices from her pussy.She told me to lie down on her bed,and she got on me and shoved my dick into her,she moaned like fucking hell and pumped like crazy.We went into the missionary position,and I fuched her hard and good.She came 9 times and I came in her 4 times,and we kept fucking.She moaned Fuck me harder you horny bastard I want you to fuck me like the horny dog you are just stick it In real good and fuck me like you mean it.I went as hard as I could,and she screamed and we made out to muffle her screams.I younger her good and she kept moaning and then we went doggie style and I came in her twice and she came four more times.We ducked for 9 hours straight before Kaylee's screaming caught Aunt Dani's attention,and she came in.She yelled at Kaylee to get out,and Aunt Dani licked the door behind her,and to my surprise stripped down to nothing.I was covered in cum (mine and Kaylee's) when Dani told me that u was naughty for not getting her in on it.She sucked my dick to get me hard,and massaged it,She had an orgasm when I fingered her,so I ate her out and god it was sooo good.She got on the bottom and told me to fuck her real hard,she needed a good fucking and she told me she liked it rough. I pushed myself into aunt Dani,and humped her as hard as I could.Less than two minutes after I was inside her,I came in her and just pushed myself deeper in her.I sucked her nipple until they were hard,and she lactated and let me drink her sweet breast milk.We fucked like wild dogs for three hours changing positions before I went limp.Aunt Dani had 17 orgasms,and I came in her 9 times. For the next three weeks,I fucked Kaylee and Dani like an animal,and god we had so much fun.Three months after I left,we found out that Kaylee was pregnant,and my parents were pissed.I moved in with Dani and Kaylee.Now Kaylee and I have three kids,and we still fuck amazingly.Aunt Dani joins in too sometimes.God fucking your cousin is amazing.

Fucking Cousins :D

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