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Mother in law

Sex = Male
Where it happened = home
Language = english
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My mother in law often comes over to spend a night. Usually she will not leave her dirty underwear and bras around. But one day I went home for lunch and wanted to grab a DVD from the room that she sleeps in. I noticed her dirty underwear and bra were just laying on the floor. Maybe she left work in a hurry and didn't put them all back into her bag this time. I couldn't help myself but to pick them up and look at them. Victoria's secret. My mother in law has a pair of D breasts, and she has a great has for her age. A few second after I was looking at her underwear, I started to sniff it. The smell was so damn good!!!!! I instantnly went hard like there is no tomorrow. I quickly went to the bathroom with her underwear and started to masterbate. I used one hand to hold her underwear against my nose and one hand to stroke my cock. I was able to smell her pussy from her underwear. After a few minutes I came so hard, I had cum all over my hand. Since then I didn't waste any chance to sniff her dirty panties... hopefully I would have sex with her in the future. She is so damn hot!

Mother in law

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