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First Guy Fuck

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Van in Florida
Language = English
Refnum = 45595
I was blessed with a very long penis. Right now, at age 19, it's well over 9-1/2 inches. Ever since I was 15, I trained myself to fellate myself. I was slim and agile and could manipulate myself so that I could take at least half of my cock into my own mouth. It felt great. Almost as good as have sex with a girl. Then, when I started college in Florida, I began to wonder what it would be like to suck somebody welse's cock. There were several guys in college that looked pretty good to me, but I never got the nerve to try it. One day a few weeks ago, a guy driving a van near our campus stopped and asked me if I'd like a ride. He was very handsome and so I said yes. We hadn't gone far, when I noticed that he had a raging boner in his sweat pants, making a veery large tent. Not long after that, we stopped, and we both got naked. He sucked my cock for awhile and then we traded places, and I sucked his. My first experience with another guy. Then he asked me to fuck him in the ass, which I did. That was another first for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Before he left me out, we exchanged addresses and phone numbers. I think we will be enjoying each other's company a lot this semester. I didn't think I was gay, but I sure did enjoy fucking this guy.

First Guy Fuck

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