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Horny Teen

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Beach
Language = English
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My boyfriend and I have been together for about 8 months and we're in highschool. He's really horny and I have done foreplay with him before. The farthest he had touched me before that was only putting about an inch of his finger in my pussy, and he promised he would put the whole thing in this time. At that time, i didnt want it, but that changed while we were sitting on the beach. It was cold with the sea breeze and all, and no one else was on the beach. He pulled me to him and held me. I sat between his legs, and a towel covered me waist down. He began kissing my neck (my back was to his chest) and i couldnt stand it. I began getting chills on my legs and he gently ran his hand up my stomach onto my chest. He kissed my cheek and said "im gonna finish what i started last time.." so i kinda hesitated.. but he put his hand on my abdomen and lowered it into my bikini. he slowly slid one finger in my wet pussy and pulled it in and out while he kissed my neck. then he asked me if he could go two. of course i said no, but he did anyway with a smile. it felt good and made me really horny. he was horny too from feeling my wetness and warmth, so he pulled his dick out and pressed it against my back. i couldnt resist.. and he knew what i was thinking. i turned around and we started making out then he pulled off my bikini top and started massaging my boobs. then he pulled a condom out of his pocket and asked if i was ready. i said, "yeah i think so" so he put it on and rubbed it on my wet pussy while he kissed and licked my neck and chest. and then he slowly slid it in. it really hurt and he put what felt like an inch in at a time asking me if i was okay. then once he got all the way in, he left it in for about 30 seconds and then he began thrusting it in and out of my pussy. somehow though, it felt so good that we ended up taking the condom off and finishing without it. no need for all the details.. im sure your imagination cann figure that part out. lets just say, the first time, he came in me, the second time in the sand, and the third time all over my body :] sweet thing was that when we finished, he kissed my forehead and asked me if i was okay. i said yess. then he grabbed my hands and said, "i cant believe we just lost our virginities on the beach" he picked me up and carried me to the road where my ride picked me up

Horny Teen

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