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My Cousin

Sex = Male
Where it happened = My bedroom
Language = English
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The first time I came, was when I was 13. Both my parents worked and my 16 year old cousin would watch over me and my other brother and sisters.
Early in the morning, just after my parents had gone to work, Lori would come into my bedroom and we would start to explore each other's bodys. This would aways end with me standing next to the bed, nude so lori could look at my cock and she would masturbate. This was her favorite request.
This time I was looking at her tits. (I love women's tits)
So I started to rub my cock on her right tit. It was starting to feel good and I didn't want to stop until I felt that "funny feeling". This time as the feeling hit me, I shot my first load of cum right on her tit. I was so shocked that this happened that I thought that Lori was going to be mad but she didn't say a word. She smiled and I could hear her hand slapping harder on her pussy until she came.
About a month after that she started to date a boy she really liked, and would not "play" with me again.

My Cousin

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