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Peggy's Pussy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Neighbor's garage
Language = English
Refnum = 42747
I was 17. She was 29 and married. She and her husband lived next door, but he was gone a lot, and she was home alone a lot. They hired me to cut there lawn. Every week on Saturday. And they paid well. My usual "uniform" for cutting the grass was some cut-off jeans -- and nothing else, except sneakers. I had a nice chest and liked to show it. I also liked to get a tan whenever I had the chance and cutting their lawn gave me that opportunity. Mrs. B (her first name was Peggy) had a great body, and she liked to show it off, too. More often than not, she was lounging around outside in a skimpy bathing suit, or shorts and a T-shirt. I could tell she never wore a bra because her nipples stood out very prominently beneath the T-shirt. I had been cutting their lawn for about a month. After I was finished, I was putting the lawn mower away in their garage, when she came out the back door in these green shorts and bright yellow T-shirt. I got an immediate hard-on and I guess it was obvious. She was standing next to their car and asked me if I was finished. I told her I was finished cutting the lawn, but I wasn't finished for the afternoon. She asked me what I meant by that. I said nothing and just went up to her and pressed my body up against hers and started kissing her on the lips. Even though she was a lot older, I was slightly bigger than she was. She didn't resist,and kissed me back, and so I started massaging her breasts through her T-shirt, and when she said, "O God, that feels good," I got under her T-shirt and massaged her bare breasts, and pushed my erect manhood against her andomen -- hard! The garage door was wide open, but there was nobody around at the time, so we sort of threw caution to the wind. I whispered in her ear: "Can I see that pussy of yours, Peggy. I think you've been wanting to show it to me haven't you?" She just whispered "Yes" in my ear as she unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down. She had this beautiful black patch between her legs, which I started to massage with my left hand, and then began fingering her. She began to moan and begged me to fuck her right then and there. "Please put it in me, Brad, please, please. I need you right now." Down came my cut-offs and out popped my 7" love pole, and within seconds, I was inside her, pumping away, filling her with my semen that was just waiting to erupt inside her. As I kept thrusting into her, I took off her T-shirt and began kissing and sucking on her breasts and nipples, and pretty soon she was moaning my name -- and saying, "I love it, I love it! Brad, please don't stop. Fill me with your love cream!" I fucked Peggy there on the side of the car, standing up, for perhaps 20-30 minutes until all at once a car pulled in the driveway, and it turned out to be younger Peggy's Sister, who was about 20. She was astonished at what she saw us doing, and asked Peggy what the hell she was doing. Peggy explained that her husband had been gone for a week and that she needed sex badly. Her Sister then said, "Well, if you need it that badly, at least go inside the house." After that, the three of us did, and no sooner had we gotten inside,than the younger Sister started to take off her clothes, saying, "It's not fair for her to have you all to herself," and so, to make a long story short, I had to fuck her Sister as well. Her Sister wasn't married but told me she was on the pill, and it was O.K. Some of my high school girlfriends had jerked me off and given me a few blow-jobs up until that day, but never before had I had a true piece of ass like I had that afternoon. Actually -- two that afternoon. A real bonus, in addition to my lawn-cutting pay. Both Peggy and her Sister said they'd never tell Peggy's husband about what happened, and I don't think they ever did, because I still cut their lawn, and about a dozen times since, when her husband is gone, Peggy and I have great sex in their bed. I also found out where her Sister lives, and have has several great sex sessions with her over the past year, too.These two sister just love to fuck and I am more than glad to satisfy each of them.

Peggy's Pussy

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