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Sex = Male
Where it happened = her house
Language = english
Refnum = 40947
It started out that we were just sitting there watching a moving in her living room. woe got closer and started making out. I started sliding my hand down her pants and she asked what i was doing, i didnt say anything so i slid 1 finger into her alredy dripping wet cunt. The look on her face told me that she wanted more. so i put two fingers in it. she slid her hand down my pants and started stoking my extremly hard cock. the next thing i knew she had my pants down sucking on it! after i came right there she crawled up me and sat on it. we both moaned at the same time. so i held he ass cheaks and started going at it. after she cummed, i pulled my cock out of her cunt and slid it into her asshole. she screamed. and when she did it made me cum all over. I would have to say that was one of the best days of my life!


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