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Sex = Male
Where it happened = My bed
Language = I've never had sex before but I love chicken and s
Refnum = 40203
WELL.. I was all alone in my room, see... and well- I was looking at my left hand.. ( the female ) and I was like.. "HOLY FUCK-WAGANS BAT-MAN WANNA FOOK!?"

Little did the left hand know.. I had the power to control her, and make her do what ever I wanted her to. SO I MADE HER DO IT!!! I MADE HER CORREZZZ MY BAWLZ... AND THEN HAVE THE LONGEST HAND-SHAKE IN WORLD-HISTORY... WITH MY... you know- that little dangling thing down there that you can PISS OUT OF..

BUT ANYWAYS, after it was all over, I looked at my messy bitch-ass hand, and told her, "LISTEN BITCH, CLEAN YOURSELF UP OR I WILL MAKE YOU DO IT AGAIN!!! YOU MESSY FUCK." mean face ... "Grr?"

ANWAYS- That was my first time.. Thank you. <3


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