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One summer when I was about 16, I had the most satisfying sexual experience of my life.
I was at my friend Bob's house working on my bicycle. After we got my bike fixed, he said, what do you want to do now? I don't know, do you have any ideas? We can go to my bedroom and look at some magazines I have, he replied. Okay, let's go I said.
We went into his house and headed for his bedroom. On the way down the hall we passed an open door and I saw this lovely young girl sitting on her bed. Who's that I asked? Bob replied, that my little sister Becky. She sure is cute I responded. I guess so he said.
When we got to his room, he closed the door behind us. Then he reached under his bed and brought out a stack of girlie magazines. We sat on the edge of his bed and started looking at the pictures of beautiful naked women. After awhile I felt a stirring in my loins and began getting a hardon. Bob noticed the buldge in my pants and said, want to have some fun? Okay, i saaid,what do we do? I'll show you, he replied. I noticed that he had a big buldge inside his pants also.
Bob stood up, loosened his belt and let his pants drop to the floor. Then he lowered his shorts and out popped his huge hard pecker. He grabbed his cock in his right hand and started to stroke it back and forth. It grew larger and fatter as he stoked and the pink head started turning red. This is called "jacking-off", he explained, and it really feels good. Why don'tyou join me?
I got up and dropped my pants and shorts and my pecker stood out stiffly and started bobbing. I grabbed it in my hand and started stroking as Bob had done to his. It swelled in my hand and started to turn red as his did. The feeling in my groin was very pleasurable. We both kept jacking-off and suddenly Bob stiffened, let out a moan and said, I'm cumming. A thick white creamy liquid shot out of the end of his penis and onto the floor. Suddenly, I stiffened, groaned and yelled, I'm cumming too. Thick white creamy stuf shot out of my prick and onto the floor. I had never felt such pleasure in my life before.
We heard a noise, turned around and saw Becky standing in the door watching us with her eyes wide. What are you guys doing she murmurs? Oh, just fooling around and feeling good doing boy stuff, Bob replied. Looks like fun, she said, can a girl join you.
Standing there naked talking to a cute girl got me aroused again and my cock got stiff. Close the door, Bob told her, we don't want Mom to know wht we're up to. Becky came over to us and started stroking our hardened cocks, one in each hand. How does a girl jack-off, she asked? Bob told her to lay down on his bed, pull up her dress and pull down her panties. Becky willingly complied. Now put your hand between your legs and rub your pussy with your fingers, Bob told her. She followed his directions and began maoning. That feels nice, she said and kept on rubbing her pussy. Suddenly, she moaned and said, I'm cumming.
Bob said, do you want us to do something to make you feel better. Okay, she replied, what do I do? We'll show you, he told her.
We were really aroused and began stroking our cocks again. Now come over and kneel down in front of us, Bob directed. Becky followed his directions and kneeled down on the floor. Now take my penis in your mouth and suck on the head, he told her. Becky did as directed. Bob asked her to move her lips up and down his pecker and lick around the purple head. Becky did as told and Bob was enjoying the pleasure. Suddenly his back stiffened and he shot a huge load of white creamy jism into her mouth. Becky gulped and swallowed it all down. That was fun and made my pussy feel good. Can I do it to your friend, she asked? Be my guest, I said and she turned to face my cock. She grabbed the shaft, gave it a few strokes and put it between her lips. She shcked and licked the head as her hand continued to stroke ny shaft. The pleasureable feeling surged in my groin as she continued this action. Suddenly, I stiffened, moaned loudly and shot a load of creamy stuff into her mouth. She swallowed it all and continued licking the red cockhead cleaning p all my jizz. Becky moaned, it sure made me feel good too.
Bob told his little sister to lie down on the be again and we would do something toplease her. She willingly obeyed. Now spread your ligs and we'll show you a good time. Bob kneeled down by the side of the bed and pushed his face into her pussy. He began licking all around her pussy and up and down between the lips. Beck started moaning and said, that really feels nice, I like it. He continued the action until she stiffened, cried out and said, I'm cumming.
Bob got up and told me to kneel down and do the same thing he did to Becky. I was quick to obey. I reached for her pussy with my hand and started rubbing the little knob between her pussy lips. That's really good, she murmured, do it with your mouth. I started licking all around her pussy and up and down between the lips against the little knob. As I continued to lick, the knob began to grow and harden. By now, Becky was bouncing her hips up and down and pressing her pussy against my mouth. Suddenly, she let out a cry, as she came, filling my mouth with her sweet juice.
You and Bob really showed me a good time and I like the game.
The next time I came over to Bob's, Becky met me at the door, smiled and coyly said, let's play games. Bob & I took her to her room and introduced her to fucking that day. Becky was a willing student and let us both get off inside of her, enjoying the pleasure of lovemaking.
I will never forget my introduction to masturbation, cocksucking and intercourse and the pleasant memories continue to arouse me, even at my advanced age. Gotta go and clean up my dripping cock.

stiff cock

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