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Interesting stories! My first time wasn't as dramatic as some on here, but I'll share anyway. My bf at the time and I had been going out for 4 months. My bf could drive (he was 16) so we had went to the mall, hung out for a bit, then decided to go to my house just to watch a movie together since my parents were out with my brother at a baseball game. As we watched the movie we started kissing, and that was the most we had ever done before. He took my hand and put it on his pants and I felt a hard on for the first time! He told me that's how I made him feel and asked if I wanted to see it. After the kissing and feeling it I was soo curious and said yes. He stood up and stripped naked, and I saw a naked guy for the first time. He asked me to touch it, I did, and he showed me how to stroke it. He asked if he could see me then, I was so nervous but did. He started kissing me again, I never felt that way before. I was nervous but that went away the more we kissed. I knew what we were going to end up doing now, I couldn't stop myself so I took him to my bedroom and we went to the bed, and we kissed more then he asked if I wanted to do it. I just nodded. once he was in me it was over in a few minutes. The whole event wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, the build up was better than the sex. I was nervous for a few weeks as we didn't us protection, but I wasn't pregenant and everything was fine. We ended up doing it a few more times (with protection after that) but we broke up in another few months, and that was that.


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