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Mom Saw More Than She Expected

Sex = MALE
Where it happened = my bed
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It was so dam embaressing but it was still great for me. My girlfriend came home with me after school and stuff just happened and we ended up naked on my bed fucking. It was cool cause she is already experianced so she taut me what to do. We were into it heavy duty with me on top of her pounding into her and her legs sticking strait up in the air with me between them. After I unloaded all my cum (which was the best thing I ever felt in my whole s on earth) I looked down at her and she opened her eyes and screamed "oh no!!" At first I thout I hurt her then I turned my head around and saw my mom standing rite there in the doorway. Oh shit! The last thing a guy wants to see when he is bare ass naked with his dick up his girl is his mom. She just said "get dressed and we'll talk later." Then she left. We got dressed and my girlfriend was too embaressed to face her so she went out the back door. Mom was pissed but she was happy to know we used protection and she knew that now I had started I wasn't going to stop so she took me to the store and got me a box of condoms. We use them almost every day after school.

Mom Saw More Than She Expected

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