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wet pussy

Where it happened = party
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My body was nicley devekoped,nipples long and hard my pus full and bulging out,ass round and firm .I need a cock in me,I am hot and wet.I play with my pussy a lot,panties are always wet with my cumThis boy I know likes my body and tries to play with my tits.I let him susk my nipples and I feel his hard cock birthday was coming,I am also.I pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth,sicked him dry.I had alreadt taken my panties off earlier.I got him hard again and put his cock in me,he pushed hard in me and broke my cheery.I was finally geting my cock in me,I fucked him till we both cum,he filled my pussy full of cum,it was running out of me.I fucked him for three more cums,I would not let his cock out of me.I waited so long for a cock in me and was going to keep it.He soften but I kept it in me till I made it hard again.I fucked him all night.I am still fucking him,and I am fucking him for a baby,I am four months pregnant and will fuck him till I push the girl out and have him put another one in me.

wet pussy

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