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Where it happened = at my friends house
Language = English
Refnum = 34147
i went over to my friends house and my friend stephanie had a brother who and he was playing cards with us.
He flirts with with me every time i go to stephanie's house.
so i told my friend i had to go to the bathroom and she said that's fine,
so i did. when i was finished, i heard a knock on the door,
i said wait a moment, that person came in.
to my surprise, it was stephanie's bro!!
(i'v always considered him so romantic and funny and hott!)
so he came in , kissed me all over and he started to take his and my clothes off. so he turned on the hot water to the tub and he carried me into it!!!!
he went in to and started fucking and cumming me!
he hugged me and i hugged him too. stephanie said she had to
go to work and will be back around 11:00
it was already 9:00 o'clock still so we had a lot of time>
when i got married to jake, (stephanie's bro)
he got me pregnant, and we started fucking each other up again so we lived a happy lifem



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