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My first blowjob

Sex = Male
Where it happened = at a friends "get together"
Language = English
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well, this story isnt about my first experience with sex..its about my first experience with a blow job..i was over at a friends house..there were three of joe and cody. so joes like..hey..lets invite kayleen and megan over..theyre pretty cool. joe really liked kayleen and was thinking about putting the moves on her..and megan was a good friend of kayleens. so i thought to myself..hey..tonight..i have to get some action..from either of joe went to pick them up..and i just sat on the couch and drank. they came back about ten minutes we all sat at the kitchen table and drank..they were younger..both 14..but they looked about 17 to 18 years of age...they were both attractive..kayleen was tall and thin..with a pretty nice bady..megan was more athletic..short..and had knock out tits..megan was sitting across from me at the table..she was wearing a low cut tank top that showed her well deffined breasts..she noticed me looking and gave me a sexy smile. i looked at her beautiful lips and imagined them brushing against my cock..i had an instant hard on... she took back a few shots of this chick ever anyways..joe took kayleen upstairs..megan was in the was in the washroom and cody was passed out on the couch. so i went downstairs to watch tv when megan came up from behind me..she started tugging the blanket away from me..i was kind of wondering wat she was doing..she smiled at me and said "this is my blanket buddy" so i pulled it away from her and her head fell into my lap..i touched her chin and looked into her eyes and blurted out "do you want to give me head??" she nodded and we stood up and walked to the room at the end of the there we were..standing in the dark..breathing heavily..i undid my fly and she got to her knees and took me into her mouth..her mouth was so wet and warm..i couldnt imagine what a pussy would feel like if this is how a blow job felt..i layed on the bed and she started bobbing her head up and down my cock..i reached for her tits but she pushed my hands away. hormones were taking over and i started getting forceful..i pushed her head down farther..making her deep throat..i reached down her shirt and squeezed her breasts..they were so frim and soft..i let out a moan and stated jerking while she licked the head of my cock..i started thrusting my hips forward while holding the back of her hair..pumping my cock in and out of her mouth..the cum in my balls started to boil...i pumped faster and harder..i could feel the cum start to squirt out..i could hear her swallowing it..i told her to stop..and i got up and left..ive seen her around..but i heard she really hates me for using her like that..oh well..i dont care..she gives great head..and thats all that matters...

My first blowjob

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