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Sex = Male
Where it happened = at the Library
Language = English
Refnum = 3049
Anita and I were at the Library studying for a test and we went into the back of the library to look for a book. we started to kiss and then i felt up her small titties and started to get a hard on, she touched my dick and next then I knew I had her skirt up in the air and her panties down around her ankles. It took a few minutes to get inside her and even shorter time to cum. I remember the mixture of blood and semen running down her legs being the young gentleman I was I took out my hankerchief and helped clean her up. I kept that hankerchief in the back of my dresser drawer for years, I got rid of it in college. I used to take it out and jack off thinking about my first time. It was Quick but exciting and would not happen again till I was 17. Like I saidit was HOT and now years later Anita , who is now my wife , and I try to have sex in a public place every year on our anniverserey.


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