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Down on the farm

Sex = Male
Where it happened = home
Language = English
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i live on a sheep farm in west virginia. my whole live i grew up helping my pa take care of the sheep. well when i was about 14, i started to think about fucking a sheep. i held off on the idea cause i didnt know exactly what to do. well after one night with my older sister i knew what i had to do. so the next day i went out to do my chores. found me a right pretty sheep and cornered it. i think my pa has been there before cause the sheep had a wide eye look on its face. well after getting the sheep into position i saterted to bang away.... and let me tell you, you aint never had pussy so fine as that!! so i only lasted about two minutes but it was the best two in my life. i kept fucking sheep until i moved away and every time i come home for a visit, i always take a trip out to the barn!!

Down on the farm

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