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100% man

Sex = Male
Where it happened = bathroom at work
Language = English
Refnum = 27368
now, i dont want to mislead anyone. im not gay, but ive always had problems with women because i have an unusually small penis, and that always freaked girls out when they saww it , and thats why i could never get day at work, i was taking a piss,pressing myself against the cold porcelain of the urinal so no onne else would see my organ that is no bigger than a woman's clit co worker fred came in and took a place at the stall next to me and pulled out his MASSIVE, LATVIAN, UNCIRCUMSIZED HILLBILLY COCK.he began talking to me while he was pissing and looked over to my urinal and i saw his dark brown eyes fixate on my baby sized prick. to my surprise, he didnt laugh as so many others had.he just stood there and looked. suddenly, with the speed of a jaguar hunting its prey, fred pushed me back against thre wall and held me there while he began stroking my penis. no one had ever touched me like that before. i sat in silence while fred jerked and pulled and flailed at my pud until i achieved orgasm, spewing all over his coat.THERE WAS NO SHAME, NO FEAR. JUST PLEASURE. i love you always, my dear freddy.

100% man

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