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A friend turned dream

Sex = Female
Where it happened = a field, next to an elementary school
Language = English
Refnum = 27306
First off, I've aways had a thing for bad boys, they just seemed so much sexier to me, so when my group of friends whtnt from being a group of girls, mostly gothic like myself, to a mixed group with a lot of guys who were very much the stereotypical gothic guys, druggies, who stole and swore and other such looked down on things, I was infatuated with them. One friday night I stole a huge bottle of Rum from my parents liquor cabent, there was four of us, including me, hanging out, one guy Jack, I adored, but was best friends with, one guy Rick, I kinda got along with and his cousin, Rick, who I had a thing for, but contently fooled around with, but I would never really do anything with me.
We walked down to the elementary school about a mile from me, we drank four beers, a bottle of Rum and Jack smoked some weed. As we were walking back to my house, we were only going to get two of my other friends, Steve and Ivy, who were being dropped off in like an hour. Rick and Jack wanted to go jerk off in the feild by the school and no one was around so I said go ahead, but I wasn't gonna watch suddenly Rich's arm was around my shoulders, "Wanna Jerk me off?" he asked. Now you have to understand me and Rich have joked around like that sence the day we met. So as usual I said "of course". We walked a couple of feet and he asked me "Wanna make-out?". I responded "sure". Well sudddenly he was in front of me, facing me with his tongue in my mouth. Well one thing led to another and suddenly we were laying in the middle of the field, half naked. I was alittle nervous I was still a virgin and the fathest I'ld ever gone with a guy was jerking him off, but the guy had been 21, so I figured I could handle Rich. The thing is I had been teasing Rich that he had small hands so he must have a small dick, one of the things he kept saying now was, "aren't you surprised?"(he was right he did have a really big dick)The other two guys were hanging out, not near us(they never did jerk off). Jack yelled over "hey, I think somthings go down over there" joking though. "I'm gonna fuck Steph that's what's happening" Rich yelled back. I did hurt when he first entered me, but the pain was quickly removed by pleasure. Things aren't weird between us as people might think we still joke and play around, we just don't get drunk, anymore. (although today my parents are out of town and he's coming over in a couple of hours)

A friend turned dream

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